//BJP trying to divide the nation: NIA

BJP trying to divide the nation: NIA

MIL/Agencies, Jun 11, 2006.

Jammu, June 11 – BJP looks to have forgotten that India is a free country, but the party leaders are behaving as if living during the British Raj. During the British Raj, such exciting speeches were delivered against them to quite India but to announce a reward on killing militants, our own people, is not only against the international law but also crosses all the barriers of civilized world.

In a democracy, we are to move within the framework of our Constitution and the set of laws that it has provided; we cannot make our own local laws to incite them to decimate the people.

There are instances where the youth is misguided, we are making them realize that they were thinking wrongly or they were being misguided.  It is not the duty of any political party, as done by BJP, to declare awards on their heads. BJP leaders had announced a cash prize of Rs. 1 lakh for killing one militant as part of the nine-day Save Doda campaign.

Dr. Raj Baldev, Chairman of National Integaration Assembly (NIA) assailed the policy of BJP of disintegrating the nation. He said, "I was thinking that BJP is gaining grounds for the next elections because of some follies committed by the present govt. by annoying the people in areas of demolition and quota issues.

"But it appears from the speeches, which certain BJP leaders have made in the public to provoke them by announcing awards on the heads of terrorists. It shows that the party has no constructive policy or role to play for the people except to try to exploit them, which is fundamentally, legally and democratically wrong.

"Such a speed is a clear-cut act of provoking the innocent people, it suggests strongly that it is a clear attempt to create a civil war kind situation in Jammu and Kashmir," Dr. Raj Baldev said.

"It is a matter of communal incitement, so the NIA warns the BJP to stop dividing the people on communal lines and show practical patriotism." Dr. Raj Baldev concluded.

The Chief Minister and Congress leader, Ghulam Nabi Azad, has very rightly described: "Nobody can take the law into his or her own hands when the Army and the paramilitary forces are there to protect the lives of the civilians."