//Conflict versus Violence

Conflict versus Violence

I was yesterday walking in connaught place. I walked passed a a young dark colored woman, sitting in a corner with her head down and completely motionless.

In front of her on the ground was a small baby completely naked and again motionless.
There were a few one rupee coins scattered around the baby.

I tried not to pay attention and got into a restaurant and had some food and drinks and completely forgot about the woman and the child.

After a few hours, as i was walking back to my car, I again saw the woman with her face down completely motionless, and in front of her was her baby still naked and still motionless. and the coins untouched. was she dead? was her baby dead? I don't know. I wanted tohelp but I didn't know how to help, or was afraid to help.
(cowardness, guilt, disgust)

If I were in US, I would have just called 911 and the police/ambulance would come and help the person.

In india, I can't do the same. police doesnt care about the homeless, nor does police care about a dead cow.So the other option is I can get personally involved.. rent a cab and take them to the hospital. foot all the bills. and spend the entire day on it.That would be fine.. if this sort of incident was rare. however there are thousands of such cases.

I want to help. I just don't know how to. giving the begger money does not help them at all.
any other ideas?