//Ruckus in JNU over anti-Dalit pamphlet

Ruckus in JNU over anti-Dalit pamphlet

Shreya Ray
[ Thursday, June 15, 2006 12:24:53 amTIMES NEWS NETWORK ]

NEW DELHI: Retaliating to a shocking pamphlet allegedly issued by the anti-reservation group 'Youth For Equality' at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), the All-India Students' Association (AISA) lodged a complaint with the SC/ST Commission, Equal Opportunity Office and vice-chancellor of the university.

The leaflet, alleged to have been issued by Youth For Equality on its 16th day of a relay hunger strike, spewed venom, using terms like "sub-standard" "inferior" and "fit for stealing" to describe Dalit students.

The pamphlet was issued after a banner of the anti-quota group was destroyed, ostensibly by students "recruited by reservations." The pamphlet claimed that the banner was torn down by "the same group of inferior and undeserving students who by this act show that they do not deserve to be in an institution like JNU."

It went on to say that "such students should opt for a profession like stealing in which they will be very smart and proficient."

It said that they would quote this incident to the government and the Supreme Court and added "look at what kind of people your reservation system has been recruiting."

AISA activists described the pamphlet as the "worst kind of racist propaganda". AISA's JNU unit president Satya Venkata Siddhartha said: "Dalit students battle discrimination and oppression to make it to universities.

Such leaflets vitiate the socially sensitive atmosphere on campus and threaten the dignity of every Dalit student. There should be stern action against such Dalit abuse."

Outraged by leaflet, there was also a protest march on Tuesday night. Students demanded punishment for the Youth for Equality leaders.

Meanwhile, Youth for Equality claimed that this was a ploy to defame them since their movement was "far more successful" than the pro-reservation movement.

"They themselves have got this pamphlet published and they are trying to mislead everybody. They are frustrated that their movement is going nowhere," said Amit Shrivastava of Youth For Equality.