//Beware of Chinese medical college

Beware of Chinese medical college

Dear parents and students, Who are enrolling for medical college in china should be careful because the syllabus pattern with india and chinese Universities are vastly different.

So, do not enroll untill and unless you have proper information, and please check it out to the diretory of WHO wether the college is eligible for english medical course or not, I would like to inform to everyone that if anyone wants to enroll to chinese universites for medical than please enroll where there is Indian syllabus and Indian faculty…

Since I was the first student from north east India who have enroll for chinese medical college… in the year 2003, Most of the students are not satisfied with the teaching method and its curriculum, such as Like anatomy, physiology, biochemistry,pathology ….. we studied here for 1 semester… since we are going to appear for screening exam for Medical council in India after we complete we will be lacking behinds with those students who are enrolling in Indian Medical college….or those college where there is Indian curriculum in china such as Zhejiang University where it maintian its ranking and its quality for many years…

(2005 ranking)

http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/english/doc/2005-02/21/content_418027.htm ,

(2006 ranking)

http://www.chinadaily.com.cn/china/2006-05/16/content_590652.htm ,

as well as please visit raking wise for the year 2002,2003,2004 http://www.edu.cn/HomePage/english/Billboard/50b/index.shtml ,

so that you all will have an idea which is the best medical universities/college… some of the university is degrading… so please beware of it… since some of Consultant may give wrong information to the students and parents, so please do not hesitate to enquire properly…. or either if you want to know more about medical college in china Please contact me.. to get clear information…. since,

We are the future of our country to become great doctor's…. for that please enquire properly….. or anyone can contact me at the following phone number or write down some few words …. if you all want to know more details please do not hesitate to get correct information….

Rakib, China 0086-28-80699404 [email protected]