//Hindu-Muslim couples swap kidney

Hindu-Muslim couples swap kidney

Malathy Iyer,  June 16, 2006 TIMES NEWS NETWORK

MUMBAI: The Bhanushali and Mohammed families met in the coldest place possible, but struck the warmest bond. Driven to despair by kidney failure in their families, they met in the dialysis room, swapped stories and then decided to swap kidneys too.

In what is perhaps India's first successful kidney swap, these Mumbai families found an unusual way to emerge victorious from a medical crisis. On June 8, Gujarati businessman Dayal Bhanushali, a Vashi resident, got a kidney from Navy employee Sayeed Mohammed — but with a friendly rider that Dayal’s wife Damayanti would donate one of her kidneys to his wife Shameen.

This Hindu-Muslim swap story is India's second attempt at cross-kidney donation. The earlier attempt in Chandigarh in April 2004 ended in tragedy, with the recipients failing to make it.

The four operations — two retrievals and two transplants — took place back to back in Jaslok Hospital on June 8.

A week later, the foursome was euphoric. "This is a new life for me and my family," gushed Shameem. "I have never felt better," said Dayal.