//Minority panel for police recruitment in India

Minority panel for police recruitment in India

New Delhi (ICNS) , June 8,2006

India’s Ministry for Minority Affairs has decided to set up a monitoring panel consisting of representatives from Christians, Muslims, Sikhs, Parsis and Buddhists to advise the government on recruitment of police personnel from minority communities.
According to Minister of Minority Affairs A R Antulay, the government is eager to provide special consideration for the selection of police personnel from minority communities.

“We want to recruit police personnel from the minority communities and a representative panel from the five notified minorities will be set up for the purpose,” Antulay told reporters.

The five notified minorities by the government in India are Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis and Buddhists.

He said the panel will be regularly consulted by the government in preparing various minority development schemes.

“My Ministry is in the processing of presenting the first set of minority development schemes before the Cabinet this month,” Antulay said.

The idea, he said, is to provide an increased emphasis on measures to deal with communal tension and ensuring adequate minority representation in various public sector undertakings.

He said prevention of communal tension will be given primary importance and effiecient and impartial district and police officials will be posted in areas identified as “communally sensitive and riot prone.”

The government has also decided consider special allocation for minorities in recruiting personnel for Central forces, public sector enterprises and nationalised banks. The new minority panel will advise the government in this regard.

The Minister said a merit-cum-means based scholarship scheme for 20,000 students, belonging to the minority communities, to pursue higher studies is proposed to be introduced this year.

The Indian government set up the Ministry of Minority Affairs in January this year for overall policy, planning, coordination, evaluation and review of the regulatory and developmental programes of the minority communities.

The Ministry manages the National Minorities Development and Finance Corporation. Its authorized capital is Rs. 650 crore.

The Ministry is also in charge of:

**Employment opportunities for minorities in the Central and State public sector undertakings, as also in the private sector.

**Formulation of measures relating to the protection of minorities and their security in consultation with other concerned Central Ministries and State Governments.

**National Commission for Socially and Economically Backward Sections among Religious and Linguistic Minorities.

**Any other issue pertaining to the minority communities.