//India to ratify Int'l Convention on Nuclear Terrorism

India to ratify Int'l Convention on Nuclear Terrorism

India will soon ratify the International Convention on Suppression of Nuclear Terrorism adopted by the UN General assembly providing for international cooperation in investigation, prosecution and extradition of those committing terrorists acts involving nuclear devices.
The go ahead for signing and ratification of the convention was given by the Union Cabinet today.

The Nuclear terrorism convention is the first anti-terrorism convention adopted since the terrorist attacks of September 11 and would be opened for signature at UN Headquarters from September 14.

The convention also provides for prosecution and extradition of those involved in terrorist acts of dealing with radioactive material.

Stating that convention would strengthen international legal framework to combat terrorism, Defence Minister Pranab Mukherjee told reporters after the Cabinet meeting that India was already a party to the twelve international terrorism conventions and protocols.

"By signing and ratifying this convention, India will strengthen its credentials as a responsible partner in the fight against terrorism", Mukherjee said.