Thiruvananthapuram, June 18: Lord Ayyappa of the famous hill shrine of Sabarimala is "angry and dissatisfied" at the "goings-on" in the temple.

A ritualistic devaprasnam conducted by a team of top astrologers at the pilgrimage centre in Kerala over the past two days has brought this to light.

Though in a furious mood, the deity is still blessing genuine devotees who throng the temple.

But many of those who surround the lord are not devout and this would trigger terrible calamities, the astrologers warned. The Ashtamangala devaprasnam was held at the temple by the Travancore Devaswom Board, which runs the temple.

Lakhs of devotees from all over South India trek to the temple in Vrishchika month, which falls in November every year. Astrologer Parappanangadi Unnikrishna Panicker led a team of 20 experts who interpreted the deity’s wishes using traditional calculations, omens and natural phenomena. After a series of rites including Swarnaroodam and Thamb-oolam, Panicker said that the deity seemed highly displeased.

If Lord Ayyappa got angrier, there was even the possibility of unnatural deaths occurring, he warned.

The lord was "sad" at the ill-treatment of his genuine devotees by officials and the authorities, the astrologer said. The increasing "materialist ambience" in the temple was also displeasing him.

Pujas and rites were not being conducted properly at the temple and this had led to diminution of spiritual power in its environs, the devaprasnam revealed.

Though women are not permitted into the temple, astrologers claimed their analysis revealed that this rule had been violated with impunity. It was also seen that the deity was dissatisfied at the way in which nivedyam (offering of food to the lord) was being conducted.

The astrologers suggested immediate pujas and rites to assuage the deity and warned the authorities not to play with fire.