//Holders of false qualifications will be deported from U.A.E

Holders of false qualifications will be deported from U.A.E

By Wafa Issa, Gulf News Reporter, June 21, 2006

Dubai: People found holding false degrees will be deported and never be able to work in the country again, the Minister of Labour announced on Tuesday.

Dr Ali Bin Abdullah Al Ka'abi told reporters that even if the person holding the forged certificate applies for a job requiring lesser qualifications, he will not be given a work permit.

"He may hold a real qualification, but he will not be allowed to work in the UAE if he is once caught with a fake degree. In another instance if an individual is found with a fake certificate after he has been issued a labour card, we will get it blocked. The company may also be blacklisted if any employee is found holding a fake certificate," said Dr Al Ka'abi.

The minister also revealed that the ministry is planning to make degree verification mandatory next year when renewing visas.

The construction and engineering sector in the UAE have registered the largest number of fake certificate holders applying for labour cards, according to statistics released yesterday by a company that verifies degrees for the Ministry of Labour.

Other sectors that are a target for people with fake degrees are the service sector with 17 per cent, followed by the banking and financial sector with 9 per cent and trading with 8 per cent, figures provided by Integra Screen shows.

"About 421 fake certificates have so far been detected since September 2005, however the number has been in decline, as many people are starting to understand that they cannot get away with it," Dr Al Ka'abi told reporters.

Counterfeit certificates

Highest level of fraud occurs at junior positions

Sixty-two per cent of people who were found to have false certificates were applying for jobs at a junior level.

The smallest number of violators was among those applying for senior jobs, who made up only 3 per cent of the total number, while middle levels jobs had a share of 35 per cent of all false certificates.

Pakistanis ranked first amongst nationalities of fake certificate holders.

However, Paul Kane, Director of Integra Screen in the Middle East said this number has to be viewed in relation to the proportion of the Asian and Arab workforce, which is the largest in the country.