//Muallim degree-holders to stage protest on June 26

Muallim degree-holders to stage protest on June 26

Gorakhpur, June 22, Hindustan Times                

MUALLIM-E-URDU degree holders organised a meeting at Anjuman Islamia and decided to stage a huge demonstration in Lucknow on June 26 in protest against the government’s failure to meet their demands.

They appealed to all Muallim-e-Urdu degree holders of Gorakhpur and Basti divisions to reach Gorakhpur railway station on June 25 and proceed to Lucknow.

Unemployed Muallim-e-Urdu degree holders’ leaders Hesamuddin Siddiqui and Shakeel Fraz said the State Government had appointed Urdu teachers and Urdu translators in government offices on the basis of Muallim Degree. Recently, the Allahabad High Court had also granted BTC equivalent status to Muallim-e-Urdu.

Siddiqui demanded that instead of introducing a two-year Urdu BTC training course, the State Government should directly recruit Muallim-e-Urdu degree holders in view of the verdict of the Allahabad High Court. Association leader Aziz-ur-Rehman accused the government of befooling Muslims. He further said in Bihar, the BJP-supported Government had announced recruitment of 14,000 Urdu teachers. They said 20 per cent Urdu teachers should be recruited in government primary schools.

The participants said he government would have to face the anger of a lakh Muallim degree holders across the state in the assembly election if it ignored their genuine demands. Mohd Arshad, Masoor Rashid, Habibullah Ansari, Praveen, Jamila Begum and others demanded recruitment of Muallim degree holder as Urdu teachers.