//Penalty for woman on rooftop

Penalty for woman on rooftop

A woman in the Patna village of Baikunthpur district invited a hefty penalty on June 23, 2006, after she got on to the roof of her clay-made hut to lay tiles.

Khal Parhin Bai reportedly breached the rules of the village. Women in the village are not allowed to lay roof tiles as residents believe that such an act will lead to scanty rainfall during the monsoon. Women are also not supposed to touch the tiller of the plough during the monsoon.

The monsoon is already delayed by a month in the state, and the worried farmers of the village became more furious on seeing Khal Parhin on the rooftop, laying tiles.

The village panchayat held a meeting to decide the penalty. Khal Parhin, her husband Chinta Kushwaha and her father-in-law Baijnath Kushwaha were named as the accused. The panchayat ordered them to pay a penalty of Rs 1,000, 80 coconuts and five birds to perform a special puja at the temple of the village goddess.

Last year, a woman was made to plough one acre of field after she touched the tiller on the onset of monsoon.

Source: http://www.deccanherald.com/