//Amended Cr.PC Act notified

Amended Cr.PC Act notified

NEW DELHI: The Code of Criminal Procedure (Amendment) Act, 2005, passed by Parliament last year, was notified on Friday.

Describing it as a positive step towards reforming the criminal justice system, Union Home Minister Shivraj Patil expressed the hope that the amended Act would tone up the investigating machinery and process, strengthen the prosecution machinery, tackle problems of undertrials, safeguard the interests of women and stipulate bail conditions.

He said the Act was based on recommendations of the Law Commission, the National Police Commission and the Joint Committee of Parliament.

Plea bargaining and some other clauses were not yet notified.

Arrest of woman

The Act prohibits arrest of a woman after sunset and before sunrise, and requires police to give information about the arrest of a person as well as the place where he is being held to anyone nominated by him.

In no case will an undertrial be detained beyond the maximum period of imprisonment provided for the offence. The State governments may establish a Directorate of Prosecution.

The Act allows the use of DNA and other techniques during medical examination of the accused.