//Pak, local ultras locked in a clash of ideology in jail

Pak, local ultras locked in a clash of ideology in jail

Jammu, June 27:

FIVE jail inmates were injured inside the high security Kotbhalwal Central Jail here on Monday night, after the militants from Pakistan and Kashmir clashed with each other to establish their supremacy inside the jail.The clash was also triggered by the refusal of some Kashmiri militants to take note of the lectures on jehad being delivered inside the jail by the Pakistani militants, sources said.

The ground for the ‘battle’ was prepared when Pakistani militants lodged inside the jail elected Rahil Hashmi as their leader, while Kashmiri militants elected Mohammad Altaf as their leader, thus clearly refusing to accept the supremacy of Hashmi and Fateh-ul-Rehman, both from Pakistan, sources added.

On Monday night, both groups clashed inside the jail during which five inmates were injured. After coming to know about the incident, Jail Superintendent rushed to the spot along with CRPF personnel to control the situation, they said.

While the Pakistani militants try to preach jehad to the inmates inside the jail, many of the Kashmiri militants have become reluctant to heed their call. This has become a major issue between the Kashmiri and Pakistani militants.

The differences between the two groups had been simmering since June 17 after two Pakistani militants identified as Mohammad Shafi of Karachi and Farooq Ahmed entered into a scuffle. Ahmed hit Shafi with a brick, which landed him in the hospital.

Sources said that on June 24, Abdul Wahid Dar, of Naseembagh clashed with two Pakistani militants — Faidullah Sheikh of Multan and Sikander of Rawalakote — after he defied the orders to participate in jehad classes being held inside the jail.

‘‘Fateh Ullah and Rahil Hashmi in the name of Quran always try to preach jehad which is not being tolerated by many of the Kashmiri militants. In a bid to get rid of all this they elected Mohammad Altaf as their leader, which resulted in the clash,’’ sources said.

The strength of Kashmiri militants is around 300, while Pakistani militants number around 50 besides other detainees.