//Is Mohanlal endorsing new whisky?

Is Mohanlal endorsing new whisky?

Indo-Asian News Service

Thiruvananthapuram, June 30, 2006
Ace superstar Mohanlal has confirmed that he has been roped in for an advertisement by a Karnataka distillery that produces whisky.

The actor confirmed to IANS that he was endorsing a product of the company but played it safe by saying the ad would be a subtle one and would not directly promote whisky.

Reports had said Mohanlal has been given a fat cheque of Rs 10 million for endorsing a mineral water product of the same company, but the actor said this was not the case.

"What I am doing is something different. So the news that has appeared has fallen flat. I am doing something that is well within the rules of law," said the actor.

Direct alcohol ads are not allowed in India and are usually promoted through other products of the same company.

Said Mohanlal: "Aren't you aware that several stars do such ads."

The distillery is owned by a former Karnataka minister who is a Keralite. The company is yet to tap the huge potential of the Kerala market where a record 10.9 million cases of Indian made foreign liquor were sold in the last fiscal.

But it remains to be seen if Mohanlal will go ahead with the ad. His archrival Mammootty did not proceed with a similar deal with a soft drink company thanks to objections raised on moral grounds from various quarters.