//The Reservation of numbers

The Reservation of numbers

I'll tell you how the 27% figure was arrived at. It was forced by the hon'ble Supreme Court – the same hon'ble Supreme Court that now wants to know from the Union of India how the 27% figure was arrived at!

The Mandal Commission used several statistics – most importantly, a huge survey conducted by itself – to conclude that 52% per cent of India's population can be said to be "backward". http://ncbc.nic.in/backward-classes/index.htm  

What exactly is meant by backward? See http://ncbc.nic.in/html/guideline.htm
The 1931 census was used to get an idea of the occupational sub-castes and NOT their populations.

Now, someone went to the Supreme Court on the issue of the "creamy layer" cornering the benefits of reservations. Creamy layer has beenone argument against reservations, and that reserved seats lie vacantis another. But if the creamy layer takes away all the seats, why do
seats lie vacant? That's just one of many contradictions in the anti-quota arguments that Karan Thapar won't ask on prime time TV.

Anyway, so the hon'ble Supreme Court in the Indira Sahani judgement said that the total number of reservations can't exceed 50% seats inan institution – and institutions in the south have found innovative w ays of bypassing this, btw.Already there was 22.5% reservation for SC/STs. So it was to keep the total number of reserved seats within the 50% bracket that thegovernment decided to have 27% reservations for OBCs. But even that could not be implemented in central educational institutions as VPSingh's government fell.

Did someone say something about statistics being lies? Okay, never mind.

As for P. Chidambaram, he's finance minister and not the social justice minister. His job is to know the sensex and inflation numbers.

As for Karan Thapar, his job is to get his facts right! From the same interview that you quote from, some ROTFL stuff:


Karan Thapar: Mr Chidambaram you are sitting in front of me advocating t hat reservations have improved the quality of education in TamilNadu. The truth is that you yourself didn't go to an institution where  there is reservation for OBCs. You went to Loyala College where there is no reservation for OBCs and then you went to Harvard. Your son wentto Don Bosco School, Texas University and Cambridge University.

P Chidambaram: You got your facts wrong. I went to Presidency College, which has reservation.

Karan Thapar: For your MA at which point in time affiliation to colleges were not important.

P Chidambaram: Your facts are wrong. I went to Presidency College for my basic under graduate degree where there is reservation. I went toLaw College for my law degree where there is reservation. I am not a beneficiary of reservation but I know that reservation brought instudents to my class would otherwise have never got in.

Karan Thapar: Mr Chidambaram your son went to Don Bosco School where t here is no reservation. Then he went to the University of Texas wherethere is no reservation and then he went to Cambridge University.

P Chidambaram: My son would have never got the benefit of reservation anyway.

Karan Thapar: Did you not send your son abroad deliberately because you knew that the standard of education in Tamil Nadu had collapsed.

P Chidambaram: No not at all. I am a beneficiary of the educational system in Tamil Nadu and I am proud about the educational system inTamil Nadu. It can be better that is a different matter. Neither my son nor I are the beneficiary of reservations.



Now, What empirical data does Thapar offer to support his contention that the quality of educational and the repute of an institution isinversely proportional to the quantum of reservations? All that Thapar k nows about the Mandal report is from a speech by Rajiv Gandhi, whowas leader of the opposition. Has he read the Mandal Report? Does he know about the National Commission of Backward Classes? Does anyoneknow who its chairman is? Is anyone in for an informed debate or will it remain the farce that it is, to be decided on the terms of themeritorious doctors reading 'You Can Win' under the shade of a s hamiana?

So which college did you go to, friends? That may have a lot of bearing on this country's affirmative action policies.

 Regards, Shivam ViJ

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