//Where is the Leftist youth movement in Kerala?

Where is the Leftist youth movement in Kerala?

By Anjali Rajeev, Thiruvananthapuram

I draw your attention to two instances that occurred last week, wherein a huge furore was raised following women entering so-called holy temples in Kerala.

In one case, a film actress Jayamala was reprimanded for entering into Sabrimala temple. They are even thinking of taking legal action against her. In the second case, Rajrajeshwara temple in north Kerala was purified following the entry of another non-Hindu film actress Meera Jasmine. Ms Jasmine was asked to apologise.

I am surprised that such things happen even 50 years after independence. Are we living in 13th century? There were no protests, no hoopla raised at the attitude of high priests of Indian temples! Where are women’s commissions? Where is the youth movement including Leftists of the country?

If I remember right, there is a law in India under which, no one can be prevented from entering into temples based on caste, religion or gender.

If this were to happen to 70’s, youth associations would have gone in for sit-in strike outside the temples and asked the priest to apologise for their behaviour. Unfortunately, today’s  proggressive youth do not get angry at anything!