//Human Rights Scholar appointed as Vice Chairman of UGC

Human Rights Scholar appointed as Vice Chairman of UGC

July 06, 2006, PIB,

Prof. Mool Chand Sharma, Professor of Law at Delhi University has been appointed as the Vice Chairman of University Grants Commission (UGC). Before taking over his new assignment, Prof. Sharma has been the Secretary of UGC and prior to that director of National Law University, Bhopal. Prof. Sharma known for his eminence in constitutional jurisprudence, human rights also possesses vast experience of educational policy making and higher education administration.

Prof. Mool Chand Sharma earned doctorate in juridical science from University of North West Chicago, has been recipient of numerous and prestigious scholarships such as Senior Fullbright Scholarship, Indo-US Research Fellowship and McSweeney Fellowship. He has been visiting Fellow and Teaching Fellow in number of universities abroad including University of Chicago, George town University, Washington, University of Lexington, University of Vermount and University of Leiden. Recognising his vast research, experience and academic accomplishment that he was invited as Research Advisor by National Human rights Commission for about 3 years. He was earlier National Consultant of UGC on Human Rights Education, Senior Research Advisor at Ford Foundation, Expert Legal Advisor with law Commission of India and was on the Advisory committee of National Commission for Women. Prof. Sharma has also worked in Supreme Court as Joint Registrar for Research for about 5 years.

Prof. Sharma has had publications including issues of poverty, development and human rights. His latest work of 2000 “Rule of Law, Democracy and Human Rights”, has been very widely acclaimed.

On the front of educational administration, apart from being Director, National Law University, Bhopal, Prof. Sharma has been Proctor of Delhi University for more than 5 years. He also had a small stint as Registrar of Delhi University and was Officer-on-Special Duty for Academic Affairs of Delhi University for more than 3 years. He was also Incharge of International Collaboration of Delhi University for about 2 years and occupied various other positions in Delhi University. It is significant that for the first time professor of law has been appointed on a key position like Vice Chairman of the UGC.