//4 years on, Jafri

4 years on, Jafri

Complaint against Modi filed

Sunday, July 09, 2006 TIMES NEWS NETWORK

AHMEDABAD: Zakiya Jafri, wife of slain ex-MP Ahsan Jafri, has filed a criminal complaint, charging Chief Minister Narendra Modi, his ministers, VHP leader Pravin Togadia, director general of police PC Pande and several IAS and IPS officers with murder, conspiracy and perjury for failing to act during and after the riots of 2002.

In a complaint filed under Section 154 of the Criminal Procedure Code, deemed to be an FIR, Jafri charged 63 persons who held important positions in the Modi dispensation in 2002, as well as now. Incidentally, the complaint is addressed to Pande, one of the accused.

The complaint draws heavily from the affidavits filed before the Nanavati-Shah commission treating them as evidence. The failure of officials to file affidavits and that of the government in coercing them against it, has also been taken as evidence of omission.

Jafri's complaint cites heavily from the four affidavits filed by additional DGP RB Sreekumar, the only officer who testified of a meeting addressed by Modi on February 27, 2002 to "allow Hindus to vent their anger" after the Godhra carnage.

The list of accused include eight ministers, including Ashok Bhatt, Amit Shah and IK Jadeja, seven MLAs, including Gordhan Zadaphia and Madhu Srivastava, VHP leaders KK Shastri, Jaideep Patel and Bajrang Dal's Babu Bajrangi.

The list of IAS officers include former chief secretary G Subbarao, vigilance commissioner Ashok Narayan, PK Mishra, GC Murmu besides six district collectors. The 29 police officers charged include former DGPs K Chakravarthi and AK Bhargava, Shivanand Jha who is now secretary (home), police commissioners KR Kaushik (Ahmedabad), Sudhir Sinha (Surat) and K Nityanandam (Rajkot), besides other IPS officers and police inspectors who handled riot investigations.

The witnesses suggested in the complaint are principal secretary (home) KC Kapoor, former Panchmahals collector Jayanti Ravi, IPS officers Vinod Mall, Sanjeev Bhatt, Piyush Patel, Neerja Rao and others.

Copies of the complaint have been sent to chief secretary, home secretary and police inspector of sector 21 police station in Gandhinagar. They have been charged under the IPC, Commissions of Inquiry Act, the Gujarat Police Act and the Protection of Human Rights Act.


4 years on, Jafri’s widow wants case filed against those behind the scenes

Express News Service

Ahmedabad, July 8: FOUR years after Gulbarg Society went up in flames in the aftermath of Godhra, the widow of former Congress MP Ehsan Jafri has shot off a complaint letter to the Director General of Police (DGP), alleging a behind-the-scenes conspiracy and holding 63 people — many of them political bigwigs — responsible for the rioting.

Among those named in the letter by Zakia Jafri are Ministers Ashok Bhatt and I K Jadeja, Gordhan Zadaphia, Pratapsinh Chouhan, C D Patel, MLA Mayaben Kodnani, then police commissioner P C Pande (who’s the DGP now), former DGP A K Bhargava, M K Tandon who was in-charge of the area then, and then Home Secretary Ashok Narayan.

Jafri’s family alleges a ‘‘larger conspiracy’’ to target the minority community and wants a fresh FIR to be filed by the police in the case, naming all of them as the accused. Why four years later? Jafri’s son Tanvir says the conspiracy angle became clear only after several affidavits were filed with the Nanavati-Shah Commission. The family believes that the case filed till now is against those who committed the crime, now they want action against those who were ‘‘behind the scenes.’’

Claiming that they have ‘‘more information’’ in the case, Jafri’s widow sent the letter by registered post to the DGP on Saturday. Copies have also been sent to the State Home Secretary.

Giving details, Tanvir said that from several affidavits filed with the Nanavati-Shah Commission, which is probing the Godhra and the post-Godhra riots, it is clear that the attack on Gulbarg was a part of a larger criminal conspiracy. “The affidavits filed by several police officials, including R B Sreekumar and former DSP of Bhavnagar Rahul Sharma, state that the post-Godhra riots were part of a criminal conspiracy, in which the Chief Minister is involved. Several agencies have made a statement that they were specifically asked not to act against the rioting people. This was not just limited to the attack but also in delaying and denying justice to the victims,” said Tanvir.

He said that several eyewitnesses in the case were also named in the complaint,which runs into more than 100 pages.

“The statements of the witnesses make it clear that there was a deliberate attempt to target the people belonging to the minority. It was a well-thought and planned attempt in which they succeeded,” he added.

He said that this complaint is apart from the case which is pending in the Supreme Court regarding the hearing of the Gulbarg and Naroda Patia cases to be shifted outside the state. “This is different from the case pending in the Supreme Court. Here we are demanding a fresh FIR on the basis of the new evidence and take action against those accused who acted behind the scenes. The former one deals with those present at the scene,” he said.

Though senior police officials refused to comment on the letter, the Jafri family is hopeful that a fresh FIR would be filed. Officials said that if this is done, this will be the first post-Godhra riot case where in the Chief Minister is directly named as an accused.

What happened on February 28, 2002

* FOUR years on, Gulbarg Society is still unable to put the past behind it. On February 28 morning, a mob started gathering outside the colony. It went on the rampage, and the toll of the massacre ultimately reached 42. Ten people are still missing. The police chargesheeted 50 persons — mainly locals — who were accused of murder, rape, arson, looting, criminal conspiracy, unlawful assembly and attack on police. While 25 of them are absconding, others were arrested and later released on bail.
* In November 2003, the Supreme Court stayed the trial. Hearings for shifting the case out of the State along with other riot cases are on.

The affidavits

* R B SREEKUMAR, in his affidavit, stated that the Chief Minister asked police chiefs not to take action against Hindus and to ‘‘let the Hindu mobs vent their anger.’’ He provided details of how the Chief Minister encouraged the violence tacitly. He clearly admitted the persecution of minorities by organisations like VHP and Bajrang Dal and that the Modi Government paid little heed to intelligence inputs.
* FORMER Bhavnagar SP Rahul Sharma said he not only had to fight with the rioters but also his own superiors, first as Bhavnagar SP and then when he was posted as DCP (Control) in Ahmedabad. Sharma said then Minister of State for Home Gordhan Zadaphia told him that the ‘‘community-wise ratio’’ of those killed in police firing was not proper because more Hindus were killed than Muslims in Bhavnagar.