//Top Indian Maoist Leader Killed

Top Indian Maoist Leader Killed

Madhav was carrying $21,000 price on his head

Vishav Bharti, Ohmynews.com, 2006-07-26

The Maoists in Andhra Pradesh, India suffered a major setback on Sunday when state secretary of the Communist Party of India (Maoist), Madhav, a.k.a., Srisailam, was killed in a police encounter along with seven others in the deep Nalamala forests.

While talking to the media, the Director General of Police, Swarnjit Sen, revealed that acting on information from the intelligence agencies that the Maoists were holding an important meeting in the Nalamala forests, several hundred policemen were mobilized and combed operations were intensified.

According to a news report on a national news channel, a greyhound (an anti-Maoist wing of the police) team searching Nekkantipenta area chanced upon some activity near Davaboyinapenta at 10 a.m. on Sunday. It opened fire and the Maoists retaliated. The exchange of fire continued for an hour, and after that the Maoists retreated.

After the encounter, while searching the area the greyhound team found eight bodies lying scattered, five of them women. The news channel broadcast added that about 35 Maoists, including some important leaders, were believed to have been present at the meeting when the policemen cornered them.

After the encounter while identifying the dead bodies, a police party recognized the body of Madhav (48) with the help of a surrendered Maoist. Madhav joined the extremist movement three decades ago. He spent most of his life doing underground activities for the Maoists. He never came back to his home after he initially left.

The killing of Madhav is been considered as a huge setback to the extremist movement in Andhra Pradesh. He was carrying a reward of US$21,370 on his head.

While talking to reporters, revolutionary writer Varavara Rao claimed police had killed Madhav in cold blood after catching him injured.

Chief Minister R.S. Reddy appealed to the Maoists to surrender their arms and join the mainstream. He further rejected allegations that Maoists were killed in a faked battle.

The home minister of state announced a decision to provide education and a government job for the son of the slain Maoist leader, and he invited his relatives in visit the secretariat. Celebrated balladeer Gaddar, who accompanied them, was refused entry.