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Ambedkar Scholarships

1 Year Scholarship for discriminated Dalit children

Encouraged by the response to the Ambedkar Scholarships Programme that  we  launched just 4 years ago, we have decided to initiate a special category  to help our most deprived and discriminated children – those whose  parents  have to scavenge for a living.  
There are over 14 lakh Dalit people who are forced to earn a pitiful  living by cleaning dry latrines. Though outlawed in 1993, this hateful  practice still continues.  
Andhra Pradesh is one of the states which has a very large number of  people working at this. Andhra Pradesh is also one of the states that  is  at the forefront of the war to end this shameful blot on humanity.  Under  the leadership of the legendary Bezwada Wilson, the Safai Karamchari  
Andolan (SKA) is making great progress in this war – please read Gita  Ramaswamy's "India Stinking" (published by Navayana) for details.  
Ambedkar Scholarship is proud to associate itself with SKA in starting  a  special category to help children of people who have to scavenge go to  school and college. SKA (with Gita Ramaswamy's help) will select the  recipients of these scholarships.  
The other conditions for these scholarships will remain as before.  
To support a child please contribute Rs.5,500/ or US$150/. This  scholarship will support the recipient for one year.  
Please send your cheque to  
                Mr.Devdas Adidela,  
                #302,Chandra Ganga Enclave,  
                Brindavan Colony,  
                Dr. A.S.Rao Nagar, E.C.I.L. Post,  
                Hyderabad – 500062,  
                Mr.Benjamin Kaila,  
                4133 La Crescenta Ave.,  
                Apartment 9,  
                La Crescenta, CA – 91214,  
IMPORTANT – Please mention whether your contribution is to be included  in  the "open category" (meant for any Dalit child) or the "special  category"  (meant for children whose parents have to scavenge).  
Please visit www.ambedkarscholarship.org for more information about  these  programmes.