//KCP too denies hand in ISKCON bombing

KCP too denies hand in ISKCON bombing

The Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL, Aug 19: The underground Kangleipak Communist Party has clarified that the outfit was not responsible for the grenade attack to the Imphal ISKCON temple that left five persons killed and injured over 50 people including a minor and women on August 16.

A statement issued by Lamphel Luwangcha for and on behalf of the ACC of KCP said the incidents like firing in crowded places, lobbing bombs or firing towards civilian populated areas, deliberately or accidentally, are not new in Manipur.

Taking serious view of the activities of the intelligence agencies of India in the north eastern region particularly in Manipur, the KCP maintained that indigenous people of the region KCP too denies hand in ISKCON bombing . People are being subjected to harassment, torture and killing randomly under government of India`s hidden policy to subjugate indigenous people of the region. While asserting that people of the region are fully aware about government of India`s act of terrorism, the KCP said the grenade attack at ISKCON could be conspiracy to undermine revolutionary movement in the region.

While speculating that intelligent agents of foreign countries could be amongst the crowd which witness the Ras Leela on that fateful day, the KCP said, taking advantage of the presence of some foreign nationals, the blast was triggered Indian intelligent agencies just to claim universally that revolutionary groups operating in the north eastern region are terrorists organizations.

Asserting that KCP treat equally to each and every religion, Lamphel Luwangcha`s statement maintained that the outfit never lobbed bomb or fire in civilian populated area nor carry out such actions during the course of its freedom movement. The outfit also appeals all concern not to indulge in subversive activities like the one carried out at ISKCON which could undermine people`s sentiment.