//Majlis Fellowship Programme 2006

Majlis Fellowship Programme 2006

5 fellowships for a  period of one year on Cultural Practices, Apply before 20 th September 2006

 Majlis, a public trust, is a center for multi-cultural initiatives  based in Mumbai. The centre intends to develop a support system for  multi-disciplinary cultural exchange and for individuals seeking to  work outside the parameter of institutional/market frameworks.  
Under this programme, Majlis announces five fellowships for a  period of maximum one year. This term marks the fifth cycle for this  programme. We invite proposals from individuals in the field of  cultural practices. Experienced practitioners of one discipline may  apply for a collaborative project or for a project in another  discipline. Proposals from applicants without past experience in a  particular discipline will also be considered. There will be special  
emphasis on projects which require collaborative initiatives.  
    The programme will offer five fellowships of not exceeding Rs. 15,000/- each per month for a maximum of 12 months and a contingency  grant (amount to be decided by the committee after selection procedure  is completed) for the basic / administrative expenses. However, the  
contingency grant will not be available for acquiring any capital  equipment.  
    In case of production oriented projects which are expensive, like  film making or multi-media production, the programme will not be able  to cover the production or infrastructural expenses.  
    The proposals will be evaluated by a committee of resource people  comprised of senior practicing artists and art scholars. The decision  of the committee will be final. The short listed candidates may need  to appear for an interview with the selection committee. The travel  
expenses for the same will be borne by Majlis.  
    A mid-term report will have to be submitted to Majlis within one  month from the middle of the project period. The second half of the  fellowship will be resumed only after evaluating the mid-term report.  The fellows will be required to submit a detail final report within  two months of completion of the fellowship period. The last  installment of the fellowship will be released only after receiving  and evaluating the final report.  
    On completion of the fellowship, Majlis will organise a public  programme and the fellows will be required to personally present their  works to fellow artists and culture scholars. The travel and  
accommodation expenses for the same will be borne by Majlis.  
    Each fellow will be associated with one member of the resource  committee. The resource person will be in regular contact with the  fellow during the fellowship period and in case of site specific works  will visit the location of the work. The final public presentation  
programme will comprise of presentation by the fellows and the associated resource persons' responses to that.  

The Proposal Format  
    1) The proposal should preferably be in English. Proposals in  other Indian languages will also be considered.  
    2) The first page of the proposal should carry a summary of the  project in English not exceeding 500 words and the applicant's name,  address, contact telephone and fax no and e-mail address. The name of  the applicant should not be mentioned anywhere else in the proposal.  
    3) The proposal should be posted to Majlis. Proposals sent by fax  or e-mail will not be considered.  
    4) As far as possible the proposal should not exceed 4000 words.  
    5) The proposal should contain:  
        A) The overall rationale of the project. The needs, issues or  opportunities that the project plans to address.  
        B) Details of the area/field of work the applicant plans to  cover under this fellowship.  
        C) Work plan, methodology and the tentative schedule envisaged.  
        D) The names of any other group, agency or individuals who are  likely to get involved in the project.  
        E) A brief note on the applicant's qualifications, experience,  interest, and present occupation including a description of other  professional commitments during the period of the fellowship. Details  of the work done earlier and funds received, if any, in the same  
        F) Work samples such as published works, paper cuttings,  photographs, video and audio tapes etc., if any. Majlis will not hold  responsibility of returning the work samples to the applicants.  
    Other Information  
    * Any Indian citizen residing in India may apply.  
    *The period of the fellowship will not exceed 12 months.  
    An appropriate phase of a long term project can be considered for funding.  
    * Applicants should declare that the proposal submitted to Majlis  is not funded by any other organisation.  
    * Expenses under contingency grant will be reimbursed every  
    three months after submission of accounts, with original  bills and vouchers.  
    * The monthly fellowship will be paid by a/c payee cheques. The income tax formalities should be carried out by the recipient.  
    Majlis does not bear any legal or financial responsibility in  this regard.  
    * The contribution of Majlis should be acknowledged in the  outcome of the project (production brochure/catalogue, film credit, publication acknowledgement etc.). However, Majlis will hold   no copyright on the outcome of any project.  
    * No private communication regarding the selection will be entertained.  

    The application for fellowship should reach Majlis office by 20 th September 2006  
    Communication regarding the fellowship will be sent to selected  fellows by 20th October 2006  
    The fellowship will start from 1st December 2006  
    All communication should be made to:  
    Madhusree Dutta  
    A-2, Bldg 4, Golden Valley  
    Kalina-Kurla Road  
    Mumbai 400098  
    Ph. 22-56017723  
    Please display/distribute this information in any form through your organisation, office, centre, publication, newsletter etc.  
    This fellowship programme is made possible with a grant from HIVOS.  
    [email protected]
bsp;   www.majlisbombay.org