//CHRO demands fair practice from Kerala Police

CHRO demands fair practice from Kerala Police

18, August, 2006, Kozhikode,

In the wake of mass raids on Muslim youths and publications, CHRO (Confederation of Human Rights Organizations in Kerala) today demanded due respect  to Human Rights and Rule of Law from Police forces.  Kerala is unique in maintaining its secular tradition, Rule of Law, Respect to Human Rights, communal harmony and high standards in various fields of the development of social life. It is this noble tradition and communal harmony that some part of police force and media is  trying to demolish, CHRO  officials said in a communique.

CHRO is concerned about the press reports from many parts of Kerala about police raids on many muslim homes and Publications in the pretext of finding banned "SIMI" activists. Instead of " Finding the link of a SIMI past"  the law enforcement authorities should look on "illegal activities conducted by the alleged persons"if any.

Well known legislators like Mr. Abdul Samad Samadani, and Dr. K.T. Jaleel, were the leaders of SIMI once. If we assess the acceptability of this leaders, the question of finding past relation with SIMI is irrelevant. The investigation team should focus on evidence, than tricky PR  shows. The society of Kerala demand fair practice and respect to human rights in police action. In the past, RSS workers in Kerala were allowed to work in major political parties or organizations without any problems even Government of India banned them twice. Such a tradition and tolerance is a peculiar feature of  Kerala society and the freedom of thought should be inherited.

If the Police Force is trying to support America's "War on Terror", they should not use double standards. An American research centre has placed RSS along with SIMI  under “Known Terrorist Groups Operating in India”. The East Virginia-based Terrorism Research Center (TRC) is closely connected to the American government. Many of TRC's directors and researchers have closely worked with US administrations and have taken part in research and planning for the US administration.  Here is the link as it appeared on 9 September 2004 on the group’s website under the caption


If the law enforcment officers respect the Rule of Law in India, they should upheld the constitutional rights of every individual irrespecitve of their religion or caste. 

On August 15, 2006, In Panayikulam, a suburban area adjacent to Kerala's commercial capital Ernakulam City, 18 Young Muslims kept under long detention by police force while organizing a public symposium about " Muslim Contribution to Freedom Struggle in India".

The Police charges against them was soley based on an anonymous telephone call, which tipped about " a secret session of the banned SIMI meeting".

Contrary to police explanation, the  public says  the event was organized in a public place called "Happy Auditorium", in Panayikulam at 1.30 P.M and with an open inivitation to public. By failing to find any evidence, police allowed 13 of them to go after prolonged illegal detention. But 5 of them are still under police custody and they are charged under non bailable clauses,  IPC Act of 1967, for conducting illegal activities under section 10, 13 (1) and 153.

Interestingly, the evidence against one of the organizers was "keeping a book printed in Pakistan", titled "Mass Resistance in Kashmir". The police found the book was hired from a library run by the regional office of Jamate Islami, in Kerala. Jamate Islami Leader, Mr. T. Arifali says it is legal to keep it in their inventory as long as the book is not banned in India. Any way, the event ended up in police raid at Jamate Islami Office in Hira Centre, Kozhikode and finally lead to the arrest of 5 muslim youths from and around Panayikulam area, who are Raziq (27), his brother in Law, Shaduli (24), Ansar Nadvi (25) Nizamudheen (24) and Shamees (26). And again, the police and IB officials continued to question them random.

On 19th August, Police taken on more dangerous step. It raided various Muslim Publications in Kozhikode like Mufakkirul Islam Trust, Nanma Books and Qseen. Interestingly, the confiscated items include books wrote by world famous muslim scholar, Maulana Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi, Various CDs, and leaflets. The raids were conducted with the help of live visual media to please their god fathers and their "War on Terror". It looked like the intention of the investigation team was more for PR than finding an evidence, as the visual media came first at the sight before the police. Surprisingly, any books or leaflets which is having reference of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Kashmir, Taliban, etc are listed as confiscated evidence.

The attitude of media is also worrisome. While the feeble evidence presented by investigation team are accepted , the ongoing custodial deaths  in rest of the Kerala has been pushed under the carpet and forgotten. One hopes the LDF government wakes up to the crude reality of these happenings in Kerala. The home ministry is sleeping over matters of a serious concern. In such a situation who will tackle the issue of public security and violation of Human Rights? CHRO leaders asked.

Advocate K.P. Mohammed Shareef presided over the meeting. Dr. M.S.Jayaprakash, Benni Kodiyattil, Musthafa Kommeri, C.R.Jayachandran Master, K.P.O. Rahmathulla, N.T. Damodaran, Dr. V.M. Abdul Salam,  Advocate Sadiq Naduthodi spoke.  

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