//Karnataka Police's bid to put Bhatkal's Muslim Leader behind bars

Karnataka Police's bid to put Bhatkal's Muslim Leader behind bars

Police's bid to put Tanzeem Secretary behind bars

SO. News service, Bhatkal, 19 Aug.:

Secretary of Majlise Islah wo Tanzeem, Bhatkal and Ex President of Town Muncipal Council (TMC) Parvez Kashimji was arrested by the Bhatkal police without any intimation at 7pm on Saturday. The timing of the arrest was apparently planned in such a way that it would not be possible to apply for bail until monday.

According to the sources in the holy month of Ramzan, 2004, violence had broken out in Bhatkal for the Municipality stalls matter. At that time local police had registered cases against 53 persons including 33 Muslims. While Hindutva organisations had registered cases against 30 persons including President and councillors of TMC separately. Simultaneously, Town Muncipal councillors also wanted to register complaint against the opposite group. But the police officials requested the Muslim leaders not to file counter cases and promised that they will submit "B" report to all the cases. Trusting the police, councillors abstained from registering any case at that time.

Now it has come to light that police had not removed any cases as promised. The court issued summons but none of them reached any of the councillors. So the court now issued warrants.

After a gap of twenty months, the Bhatkal police raided Kashimji Complex and arrested Kashimji Parvez at 7pm on Saturday as court is closed on Sunday hence he will languish in jail atleast for 2 nights. He was produced in front of Judicial magistrate at his residence. The News spread like fire and the lawyer of Tanzeem rushed to the magistrate's residence, he requested to the judge for bail. Mr. Parvez Kashimji was the President of Municipality for the year 2004 and right now he is the active councilor of TMC and Secretary of Majlis-e-Islah wo Tanzeem, Bhatkal. Honorable Judge granted him bail on personal bond.

Muncipal councillors told SahilOnline that out of 33 muslims who had been booked in these cases by local police, 30 had surrendered to the court and obtained bail a year ago, but police have not arrested the accused of the other community.

Local Muslims are very upset with this partisan approach of police. Police seem to be more hostile towards Muslims. After obtaining bail, Kashimji Parvez told SahilOnline that the muslims were persuaded by the police for not filing complaint then. But now the muslims must realize that if they change their minds beleiving in the assurance given by police then it will cost them their freedom and burden them with unwanted tension. He added that the court had issued warrant to many councilors and leaders. He further informed that all the councilors and most of the Muslim leaders were in police station during the violence to help police and reach a compromise on the matter. Despite knowing all these facts, police filed the cases on these very people.

SahilOnline correspondent visited the Bhatkal police station at 8 pm, 8:30 and then on 9:30 pm. None of the officers were present to comment on this issue.

Locals told SahilOnline that obtaining bail for Tanzeem Secretary Parvez Kashimji within an hour was a great success, as police had intended to keep him in jail till monday.