//US behind conversions in India: RSS Chief

US behind conversions in India: RSS Chief

23 Aug, 2006 PTI

MADURAI: RSS chief K S Sudarshan on Wednesday alleged that the CIA of USA with the help of NGOs was indulging in religious conversions in India.

Delivering the special address at a symposium on "Empowerment of Hindu Intelligentsia" organised in connection with RSS founder M S Golwakar Birth Centenary Celebrations here, he claimed that US government had allocated 20 billion US dollars for the NGOs to work and convert people to Christiany.

"The CIA planned to establish one church in every post office area. The churches would be established walking distance and voice distance away," he said.

He said the NGOs planned to setup schools, hospitals etc to veer the rural people away from their Hindu moorings.

He alleged that the missionaries were also misleading the tribals, with whom they worked, by saying that Aryans had invaded their land.

He said Maoists also posed a threat to the country, "resorting to terrorism" and "just as they did in Nepal, they would attack government offices, including, police stations, etc to demoralise government officials, and bring the area under their control.