//Delhi unsafe for working women: Study

Delhi unsafe for working women: Study

24 Aug, 2006 IANS
NEW DELHI: With crime against women in the national capital increasing, around 45 percent of women in the city do not feel they are safe at their workplace. The findings are made in the first Human Development Report of Delhi. The report was released on Thursday. A ccording to it, 45 percent of the women felt that they were not at all safe at work place while 43 percent felt that they were somewhat secure at the workplace. Not surprisingly, Delhi leads the four metro cities for crime against women. The report said for every 10,000 people, 14 cases of crime against women were reported while Chennai stood at seven and Mumbai and Kolkata at five.

"Delhi has emerged as quite an unsafe city for women," said Sheila Dikshit, chief minister of Delhi. Public safety had emerged as one of the grave concerns after reading the report, she said.

The chief minister said the report indicated that only six percent of the women felt safe at workplace despite Delhi being the national capital. Around 19 percent people interviewed felt the city was unsafe, she said.

"One-third of the people in the survey have confessed personal safety in the city was poor," said Dikshit. Opinion of half of the people that the city was unsafe for women is another concern, she added.

However, the chief minister said since Delhi Police was not under her control there was little she could do.

"Since many different agencies are involved in the city, there is duplicity of work which has caused lack of accountability," said Dikshit.

According to the study, only 24 percent people felt Delhi Police was doing a good job in terms public safety.