//Dubai's Hindu Idols refuse milk

Dubai's Hindu Idols refuse milk

Hindus flocked to the temple in Bur Dubai yesterday to try to feed milk to the idols after reports that statues in India were lapping up the beverage. Speaking to 7DAYS, believers said they rushed to the temple after they heard reports of the ‘miracle’ taking place in India. But they were left disappointed when the Dubai idols refused to drink.


idols refuse milk“After I heard the news I reached the temple with a bottle of milk first thing in the morning. But the idols did not drink the milk,” said one of the devotees. “We saw so many people feeding milk to gods on television,” said another disappointed devotee. The visits were sparked after media reports from India on Sunday evening about stone idols ‘drinking’ milk offered to them. Devotees across the country queued at temples to offer milk to the gods.

Several instances of idols absorbing the milk were reported, with people describing it as a miracle.  In Dubai, flower shops near the temple were selling milk bottles to people hoping to try their luck in the temple.  “We offered milk last night after we heard the news but the idols did not take any milk. We however sold a lot of milk as people kept coming in the morning to check for themselves,” said one of the traders.

A similar incident was reported in September 1995 when thousands of Indians fed milk with spoons to idols of Lord Ganesha. Instances of idols ‘drinking’ milk were reported from countries like US, England, Canada and also Dubai. While many say it’s a miracle, scientists say that the phenomenon is natural and is down to the surface tension of the stone.