//Mumbai blasts: Muslim community being victimised by police, says Amar Singh

Mumbai blasts: Muslim community being victimised by police, says Amar Singh

New Delhi, Aug 24: Samajwadi Party General Secretary Amar Singh today alleged that the members of Muslim community were being victimised by the Mumbai Police in the aftermath of the July 11 serial blasts in passenger trains that killed about 200 people.

He said that while the members of Muslim community were illegally detained in several police stations in and around Mumbai, their female family members were being physically assaulted and sexually molested by the Mumbai cops in a bid to force the male members to own the responsibility of carrying out the blasts.

Accompanied by a victimised Muslim family in the Parliament house, he told reporters that police raids were being conducted without proper legal documents and, he added that the personal belongings like computers and other electronic gadgets were take away by the police.

He went on to say that no peculiar interrogation of the detained persons was being done and they were being harassed and physically tortured inside the lockups.

Nifa Khan, a victimised Muslim who had come all the way from Mumbai to present herself before the media, said that her younger brother-in-law, who works in Oracle software company in Bangalore, and her elder brother-in-law were detained at a Mumbai police station.

Nifa alleged that she was also taken inside a police station and her Burkha was removed in front of her family members. She, however, refused to divulge the name of her husband, who, she said, works in a software firm in the UK.

She also refused to disclose the name of the company and said that the Mumbai police were also trying to bring her husband back from the UK and arrest him.
— AN