//Malaysian Tamil Woman Torched By Elderly Relative Dies

Malaysian Tamil Woman Torched By Elderly Relative Dies

KAJANG, Aug 27 (Bernama) — A woman believed to have been torched by her 65-year-old relative Saturday morning in Taman Permai, Bangi, died last night.

M. Uma Praba, 38, died 11.20pm of severe burns all over her body.

Her 10-year-old daughter, Siva Sangari, died at 3.15pm yesterday.

Her other daugther, Gomathy, 9, sustained minor injuries in the attack while her husband, P. Muniandy, 37, escaped unhurt.

The couple's son, Sivabalan, 7, was at the house of Uma's elder brother in Banting when the attacker poured petrol on the four people who were asleep in their living room at 2am yesterday.

Muniandy told Bernama that he was awakened after smelling petrol and saw the attacker trying to set fire using a match.

He then pushed her aside but the attacker managed to set the fire by throwing a lighted match towards the door grille.

"At the time, there was sharp pain in my eyes and I saw fire on the door grille coming towards us. I pulled my second child and carried her out through the back door and ran around the house towards the front door.

"I was shocked seeing my wife and eldest child holding the grille with their bodies on fire and screaming for help. I tried to open the door grille but failed because the padlock had been changed and locked," Muniandy said.

The screams of his child and wife woke their neighbours who came and broke down the window. The injured victims were rushed to the Kajang Hospital.

The remains of Uma and Siva Sangari had been cremated at the Sungai Sedu Hindu Crematorium in Banting this afternoon.

A Kajang police spokesman said police arrested the suspect who was hiding in a house about 200m from the scene one hour after the attack.

"When arrested, the suspect was holding a bag containing clothes. She was taken to the Bandar Baru Bangi police station and then to the Kajang police station," he said.

He said the suspect had been placed under five-day remand beginning yesterday to assist in the investigation into the case which had been classified as murder.

Bernama was told that the suspect had not said anything since her arrest.