//Pump Scam: The BJP party made Rs 18 cr from petrol pumps

Pump Scam: The BJP party made Rs 18 cr from petrol pumps

/photo.cms?msid=1948273 Friday, September 01, 2006, (By Prema Sridevi), Times Now.TV

TIMES NOW has acquired an exclusive copy of a confidential investigation report of the Kerala unit of the BJP, which accepts that the BJP had indeed made crores of Rupees by selling petrol pumps during the previous NDA regime. 

The 28-page confidential report of the Kerala State BJP unit spells doom for several party leaders. While looking at reasons for the defeat of a top BJP candidate in the Trivandrum by-elections, it reveals how several party leaders were involved in a petrol pump scam; on how the party made Rs. 18 crore by selling petrol pumps. But only Rs. 2 crore came back to the party; the rest was siphoned off by top BJP leaders.
"There was a board which decided allocation of Petrol pumps. That Board was constituted as per the norms laid down by the Supreme Court. It has come to my knowledge that some elements within the party have made money through these petrol pumps and they have misused the money. The Party has to find out who did what," said Raman Pillai, former BJP State President.
One of the accused, BJP leader RS Vinod
At the center of this report, is the evidence against BJP leader PP Mukundan, a man known to have strong RSS sentiments. Mukundan is known to have used the money collected from the petrol pump scam to fund anti BJP activities.

The report points the finger at 46 other leaders and TIMES NOW caught up with one of those accused – RS Vinod. "This Mohan Shankar report is not a true report. This report aims at bringing down senior people in the party. I don't believe in this report," he said.

This confidential report exclusively acquired by TIMES NOW does not only talk about the multi-crore Petrol Pump Scam but this also has explosive details on how the Congress and the Left have been using the State BJP for electoral gains. At a time when the BJP is struggling to make inroads into the State, the leakage of this report to the media will definitely have serious implications

The BJP in Kerala made Rs 18 crore by selling petrol pumps while the NDA was in power in New Delhi, but a coterie led by a top RSS nominee in the party pocketed a substantial part of that amount, says the report by a high-level panel which was set up to investigate the party’s poor performance in a Lok Sabha bypoll. The report says that the money is being used to fund anti-party activities.

According to the probe report, there was even a fixed scale for bribes to allot petrol pumps during the 2003 scam, exposed by The Indian Express which found how BJP leaders had got the pumps allotted to friends and relatives across India.

K Raman Pillai, former state BJP president, explains how the party made money from the pumps and where it went, in his testimony in the probe report: “About Rs 18 crore had been collected… (but) accounts of only two crores have been furnished. The balance amount they are keeping and using to help followers for acting against the party. These collections were carried out by P P Mukundan (RSS nominee and BJP organising secretary for Kerala and Tamil Nadu) and Prof Narayanan Nair (BJP state treasurer)….’’