//India Today Poll: Kerala best state in Law and Order

India Today Poll: Kerala best state in Law and Order

Aasim Khan, CNN-IBN

Friday , September 01, 2006

PUNJAB TOPS: Punjab is the best state in India in terms of agriculture and infrastructure. 

New Delhi: The Northern states are India’s biggest consumers, the Southern states have a much better law and order situation and insurgency-plagued Jammu and Kashmir is an attraction for investors: these are some of the surprising findings of the India Today State of the States poll.

The poll pitches different states against one another, evaluates their performance in different social and economic spheres and gives a verdict on which is the best among them.

The latest poll puts Punjab is at the top with the best infrastructure and robust economic parameters, Himachal has the best education and health facilities. Gujarat offers the best investment possibilites while states in the south can now boast of a much better law and order situation.

In the overall estimate, BJP-ruled Madhya Pradesh emerges as the fastest mover towards the top. Pondicherry, among the smaller states, performs the best and the big state that gets the award for the best overall performance is Punjab. Punjab is set for elections next year, and the survey result could serve as a confidence booster for the incumbent Congress government.

Madhya Pradesh is the fastest mover in agriculture, Pondicherry is the best among the small states while Punjab, the wheat bowl of the country, emerges at the top.

In prosperity and budgetary parameters of the people, mineral-rich Orissa is the fastest mover and Goa with its booming tourism economy scores highest among the smaller states. Punjab emerges as the most prosperous state.

States in North India have beaten other states as far consumption levels are concerned. While Himachal Pradesh is the fastest mover, Delhi has the best consumer market among the smaller states. Punjab is again at the top as the most robust consumer market in the country.

But for investors the attraction lies somewhere else…Jammu and Kashmir is fastest mover in terms of wooing investors while Pondicherry amongst the smaller states offers best to investors. Amongst the big states, Gujarat beats the rest with the best investment possibilites..

n the human development indexes, Himachal Pradesh is at the top.

Uttar Pradesh, India’s largest state, shows great improvement in health facilities while Goa offers the best in the health sector among the smaller states.

The scenario in education is similar: Uttar Prdesh is the fastest mover, Goa is the best among small states and Himachal Pradesh is best amongst the big states.

The South Indian states seem to have a much better law and order record. While Karnataka is the fastest mover, Pondicherry comes on top among the small states. Communist-ruled Kerala has the best law and order situation in the country.

So its more peaceful in the south while the economic engine is chugging on faster in the North.