//Aim Behind Indiscriminate Arrests Of Muslims?

Aim Behind Indiscriminate Arrests Of Muslims?

Once again every Muslim is a suspect. Not just in Mumbai that indiscriminate arrests have been made & Muslims detained or questioned, but reports are coming from all over the country. Asian Age has brought to fore the indiscriminate arrests, frisking and questioning of Muslim business, travellers, Bollywood artists. Like Muslim members of groups that return from foreign countries questioned by police.

13 Tableeghi Jama’at members mostly from Indonesia interrogated in Roorkee and though nothing was found objectionable they were asked to LEAVE THE COUNTRY, reports Indian Express. KPS Gill, who fought terror in Punjab, recently told Shekhar Gupta in Walk the Talk, “It took me years to get rid off the habit of combing operations, it is absolutely useless, demeaning to anybody who goes through it, go for the man who has done it not…the Mumbai police have got it entirely wrong, if this is the concept of security then heavens must help us, this country”.

“One moonless night, policemen swooped down on the silent village, dragged the men out of their beds and beat them viciously…perplexingly only the Muslim houses were targeted, wails of protest from terrified women and children provoked a torrent of abuse and fresh violence…One boy’s nails were brutally wrenched out to extort a ‘confession’an epileptic old man was beaten unconscious and then the younger men were spirited away in a police van”…recalls Farah Baria in Indian Express after 1993 blasts when she visited Shekhadi which police believed was the conduit for transportation of explosives.

…Now we are back to the future, another holocaust, another case and that vague disquiet of the deja vu..250 slum dwellers dragged out of their beds in a pre-dawn police swoop and detained for days in flagrant violation of criminal procedure…pair of Muslim tourists arrested for shooting pictures of Gateway of India…SMS about ‘every Muslim is not a terrorist but every terrorist is a Muslim’ making rounds…..former SIMI members arrested….Baria further writes.

BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha says, “Police have failed to arrest the real culprits…arrests being made from Madhubani and Darbhanga, some poor tailors and employee of a car park were picked up…”Maqbool ke liye Javed ko maarna, Sharma ke liye Verma ko pakadna ghalat hai”.

Is the aim just to terrorise the Muslims, injure their psyche? What will we achieve with such insensitive approach except more suspicions amongst Muslims regarding police and the administration. The cops who forced the jamaat members t leave the country cite a Home Ministry directive. The police officers who quiz, arrest in hordes, swoop down and frisk all and sundry justify their stance and the reasons are ’security’ Centre is aware but the generally outspoken Muslim MPs are keeping mum. Isn’t its an exercise that has the tacit backing of the ruling Congress at the centre and the Congress-NCP alliance in Maharashtra also? But the aim…?