Even today in the era of Hi-tech and Computer world, there are numerous appalling traditions and superstitions that are happening in the society. One of them is the Jogini system. It is the system, where a girl is offered to the God, even before the girls attains her puberty. When the girl gets matured, the girl becomes a tool in the hands of the men in the village.

How the girl ‘Ganga’, revolts against the system and the men in the village, when they coerce her to become a Jogini is the story of the film. National Award Winning Kannada actress Tara is playing a decisive role in the film.

The producer of the film Sekhar Yelamanchi said, “The censor of the film is complete and we will be releasing the film very shortly”.

Priyanka, Venu, Eshwari, Suman, Babumohan and others are acting in the film, which has been directed by Andasri.