//Muslim MPs meet Maharashtra CM as police tries to wipe out proof of blasts

Muslim MPs meet Maharashtra CM as police tries to wipe out proof of blasts

The Hindustan Express, the Inquilab and the Etemaad (September 17) reported an 11-member delegation of Muslim Members of Parliament calling on Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Vilasrao Deshmukh to air their grievances against the police and administration for the harassment of Muslim youth after July 11 Mumbai train blasts, the efforts being made to wipe out the proofs of September 8 Malegaon blasts, shelving the Srikrishna Commission Report on the post-Babri Masjid demolition riots and the plan to build a police station on a waqf land in Bhiwandi. The delegation submitted a memorandum to the Chief Minister demanding C.B.I. enquiry into the recent bomb blasts in Nanded, Malegaon and other parts of the State and police harassment of Muslim youth.

In over an hour meeting the Muslim parliamentarians told the CM that the prevailing situation reminded them of the pre-Independence chaos and anarchy and that the situation meted out to Muslims in a secular government was unbearable. They said the present attitude of the government would help spread instead of rooting out terrorism.
Director General Police Maharashtra, Commissioner Mumbai, Commissioner Police Thane, Chief of Anti-Terrorist Squad and other high officials were also present in the meeting.

Muslim MPs also produced some victims of police atrocities in Mumbai, Bhiwandi and Malegaon before the Chief Minister.

One such victim was Irfan Ahmed who was being pressurised by the police to confess the crime of planting bombs at Hamidia mosque and Bada Qabristan in Malegaon. In a written submission Irfan said on oath that the Malegaon police detained him, beat him and even offered Rupees five lakh for making a statement before the Press confessing that it was he who had planted the bombs. On outright rejecting the offer, Irfan was beaten mercilessly.
On September 18 the Rashtriya Sahara front-paged the “hair-raising” complaints of inhuman treatment narrated by some other victims.

In one such revelation, Muhammad Hanif of Kurla alleged that A.T.S. summoned him to appear in their office in Kurla. He said when he reached there they thrust a slipper into his mouth threatening that they would dip that slipper into human waste and again thrust it into his mouth if it fell down. He was later beaten mercilessly. Hanif said the police was torturing him thus just to divulge with them the address of some of his friends.

In another revelation, Ataur Rahman, father of Muhammad Faisal and Muzzammil who had been accused in the Mumbai train blast case, said he was sent for by the A.T.S. the second day of his sons’ arrest, and was allowed to go after four hours of questioning. He was once again sent for the next day and was kept under detention for seven days. During the detention he was once totally undressed and then threatened that all the female members of his family would be subjected to the same treatment if his sons would fail to confess the crime. He further alleged that his nephew No’man was also undressed and an injunction was given to his anus. His daughter-in-law Rafah Sheikh also complained that her hijab was snatched and trampled under feet when she refused to put it off during questioning.

In yet another revelation Haji Osman Quraishi said he was summoned to appear in A.T.S. office on July 25 and was then presented before A.T.S. chief Raghuvanshi who asked him about the whereabouts of his younger son, who had been associated with SIMI. He alleged that A.T.S. officers Narainkar and Khadar crossed all limits of ill-treating his daughter. He said he was then compelled to think that death was preferable to such a life of disgrace.

Muslim MPs included Asaduddin Owaisi, Abu Asim Azmi, Shahid Siddiqui, Maulana Mahmood Madani, Muhammad Shahid Akhlaque, Muhammad Tahir Khan, Maulana Obaidullah Khan Azmi, Maulana Abdus Samad Samdani and Abdul Wahab.
The Chief Minister assured the Muslim parliamentarians that the Government would take action against the guilt police officers.

Talking to the presspersons soon after the meeting, Muslim leaders cutting across party lines announced that if the Government of Maharashtra failed to address their grievances they would launch a peaceful people’s movement and start courting arrest.

The Sahara (September 18) editorially appreciated the move of Muslim legislators. “In the history of India this was perhaps the first ever Muslim delegation which told a Chief Minister that they would raise an agitation if justice was not done to Muslims… This move of the parliamentarians not to dilly-dally in raising the voice of truth and justice even under the cloud of darkness is worth praising. More important is the fact that they are giving proof of Muslim unity raising themselves above their respective party politics. Indeed this unity of Muslims will be felt in long way in the general political circles of the country.”

While discussing bomb blasts at different places in Maharashtra, Muslim leaders, writers and political analysts have repeatedly pointed fingers to Bajrang Dal and other Hindutva extremists who are working under the guidance of Israeli secret agency Mossad, now operating in Maharashtra. They also write that Maharashtra police and A.T.S. is trying to shield Hindutva extremists.

Senior Muslim leader and Member of Parliament Ilyas Azmi, in an UNI news item published in the Sahara of September 14, alleged that everyone including Maharashtra police knows for certain that all the incidents that happened in Nanded, Mumbai, Malegaon and Nasik are being perpetrated under the guidance of Mossad. “But, out of enmity with Islam, those who have seated Mossad in Mumbai and Worli will not crackdown on Mossad until and unless the country falls prey to slavery once again,” he said.

In an edit-page article entitled “Why This Terrorism After All?” in the Qaumi Awaz (September 18) Adil Siddiqui alleged that all the problem is prevailing only because our administrative machinery itself is not clean rather has fallen prey to communalism.

“The situation is that there are a number of such elements in the majority community who take interest in such nefarious activities to achieve their political ends. In April this year two persons were killed when they were busy making bombs in the house of a Bajrang Dal office bearer. In the light of police investigations (now shelved) the people belonging to the same group were found in the bomb attack on a mosque in Parbhani in 2003 and blasts in Purna and Jalna in August 2004… Experts opine that the influence of Massad has been gaining roots in India now,” he wrote.

In another edit-page article entitled “After Nanded, Jalna, Parbhani and Mumbai, It is Now Malegaon: Who are the terrorists?” in the Sahara (September 14) Farman Chaudhary opines that if ground realities are taken into consideration without any bias and prejudice then it is easily understandable that these blasts were perpetrated by only those who want to harm Muslims and can go to any extent to seek their goal.

“In the house of Bajrang Dal activist in Nanded where a bomb went off on April 6 this year the police had seized the names, addresses, maps indicating location of those mosques, as well as Muslim clothing and fake beards. But under the mounting pressure of terrorist organisations like R.S.S. and Bajrang Dal the police did not pay attention to it. Had those addresses of the mosques been made public then and there and due action been taken against the terrorists, Malegaon-like tragedy would not have occurred,” he wrote.

In a 5-column news story, “Police Shelved the Truth of Nanded Blasts” the Sahara of September 20 laments that 16 activists of Bajrang Dal were detained during investigations into bomb attacks on mosques in Jalna, Parbhani and Purna but no follow-up was made and the culprits are roaming free.

The story cites the
claim of NDTV of having the details of wireless talk between police officials and the channel’s control room. According to the channel’s claim, it is also in possession of a copy of the narco-analysis report of two accused for making bombs in Nanded, in which they had confessed their role in Jalna and Parbhani attacks.

The story adds that questions are now being raised on the police’s bid to complicate the case in order to protect Bajrang Dal terrorists. Some peace groups have knocked at the door of the court of law in this regard.

In another story the same issue of the Sahara has covered some stunning revelations of Maulana Abdul Qayyum, Secretary Jamiat Ulema Malegaon, which can help the investigating agencies in nabbing the real culprits.

It is perhaps because of this ever-mounting telling evidence of Hindutva extremists in anti-social, nefarious activities that Majid Raman in an edit-page article entitled “Ban on RSS and Its Sister Organisations A Must” in the Sahara (September 17) argues at length why it is the high time the Government ordered a crackdown on Rashtriya Swayam Sewak Sangh and its sister organisations that have been making hell of life in India for decades together.

September 20, 2006, IndianMuslims.info