//Reporting roles for series on education

Reporting roles for series on education

India Together is looking for 5 freelance writers, distributed nationally, for a major series on Education beginning shortly.

 The series will be an in-depth inquiry into public education around a number of themes including academic achievement, caste, vocational training, mid-day meals, Sarva Sikhsha Abiyaan, etc. A number of questions in each of the areas of investigation have been identified to scope and focus the inquiry.

One position will be filled from each of the geographic regions – North, South, East, and West, along with one for the North-East. The positions require at least 4-5 years of reporting experience, and the ability to cover policies, programmes, grassroots realities, pioneering work and interlinkages lucidly to our readers. In addition to compensation for the writing itself, some travel costs will be funded for the purpose of these reports.

    * How to apply: Your letters of interest may be emailed to [email protected] Please devote a paragraph or two to explaining why this area interests you, and why you may be specially qualified to undertake a part of this inquiry.

    * Please include: A resume and two writing samples.

    * Please read: our guidelines for new authors.

India Together assures a non-discriminatory environment for your work; in your resume it is not necessary to include your age (or date of birth), marital status, caste or ethnicity. In addition, we will not ask about other factors – handicaps, sexual orientation, or religion – at any time.