//Sharmila picked up by Delhi Police

Sharmila picked up by Delhi Police

The Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL, Oct 6 : A late night report from Delhi stated that Sharmila has been picked up by Delhi police at around 11.45 pm. It could however not be confirmed immediately where exactly the police had taken her. It is believed that she must have been taken for medical care to a city hospital.

Earlier, the Manipur chief minister, Ibobi Singh and state works minister Govindas Konthoujam came to Jantar Mantar to pursuade Sharmila to end her fast.

In response, Sharmila told the visiting chief minister that she will continue with her protest until the draconian legislation is repealed and that she has no hesitation in sacrificing her live for the sake of future generation of Manipur.

The chief minister expressed his inability to meet her demand as removing AFSPA even partially had earned him the central government`s displeasure. Such a reply of the CM angered the gathered students so much that they started shouting him down. And asked him if he would think of removing the Act after Manipur has collapsed altogether. Members of other civil society organisations also joined in the chorus accusing Ibobi of being anti-Manipuri

Hearing all this the CM left the dharna site in a huff, said a joint press release from Delhi issued by the Apunba Lup and MSAD.