//Israeli Ambassador Interferes in Internal Indian Affairs

Israeli Ambassador Interferes in Internal Indian Affairs

By Ghulam Muhammed

Al-Jazeerah, October 9, 2006

The news 'The Asian Age' has published about Israeli Ambassador to India, Daniel Danieli, 'lauding' BJP president's idea of India taking a proactive role in dismantling "terrorist" camps in Pakistan and Bangladesh, is a blatant open interference in the internal affairs of India.

After the US Ambassador, now it is the turn of Israeli Ambassador toady to flex his muscle over how the two have acquired an upper hand in India, through the good offices of Manmohan Singh's strategic partnership with the US and Israel.

The incident is enough for any self-respecting country to break-off all diplomatic relation with Israel and send its ambassador packing home. There cannot be any doubt that Israel and Jewish community world -wide survive on their knack for conspiracies around the world. It is God's gift to them.

Thanks to Nehru's decision to keep Israel out of the subcontinent. India has remained in peace at least for last 50 years and had not been dragged into any international conflict where it would have been called in to sacrifice the blood of its Jawans.

India's huge army strength has both US and Israel drooling to get Indian blood as a constant source of replenishment of its fighting strength. Now both the US and Israel are dragging India in the second series of great game in the old shooting range territory of endless bloodshed and turmoil.

India is being whipped up to start its intervention in Afghanistan and Baluchistan. Dumb-witted planners are oblivious to the consequences of India getting needlessly entangled in the civil wars of the northern tribal countries.

What ever minimal we have achieved, if that is called achievement in the holistic sense, we will lose out playing the great game on the vast plains extending from river Sindh to river Brahamputra turning into killing fields. India needs a very strong hand, in grasping the pitfalls of handing command of our government in the hands of the US and Israel.

It is a pity that it was left for the patriots of the RSS kind to fool themselves as playing a noble role in getting India into the lap of an arch conspirator nation that will be all too willing to make a willing tool of BJP.

Whatever short term benefits seems to accrue to the BJP, if it is real nationalist party, it will envision the grave danger they are putting the nation into by taking their bidding from a foreign country, which has its own agenda in these parts that had remained out of the loop of carnage and destruction, which is the fate of any region that these conspirators enter.

The nation should rise against this rape of our country so outrageously planned by the visit of the head of a major political party to pay obeisance to a foreign ambassador with a view to try to play politics of one-upmanship with their political opposition, while the fate of the nation is put at stake.

The shameful act of BJP is a historical blunder that has far reaching consequences and its time all interactions are reviewed forthwith to evaluate if the liberalization and globalization is not a mirage that India is pursuing under the tutelage of the US and Israel.

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