//Blasts in Malegaon Mosque are handiwork of Hindutva terrorism : CLMC Report

Blasts in Malegaon Mosque are handiwork of Hindutva terrorism : CLMC Report

Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee, India Report

Hyderabad: Civil Liberties Monitoring Committee India, Hyderabad, strongly condemns the bomb blasts at Malegaon mosque. CLMCI expresses its grief and sorrow over the loss of life including children and expresses its solidarity with the families of the victims. CLMCI is dismayed by the fact that targeting people going about their daily business shows a complete contempt for the most fundamental principles of humanity.

These bomb blasts are part of a series of blasts which occurred in different districts of Maharshtra state. The link of these blasts is connected with the blast which took place in the house of RSS leader Laxman Rao Rajkonde in Nanded on 06/04/06 at the time of preparing the bombs in his residence. At that time police recovered a highly explosive pipe bomb and IEDs from the house of the RSS leader Laxman Rao. Police also recovered maps of mosques in Maharashtra, secret documents, fake beards and moustaches  and religious clothes of Muslim clerics. The police at that time was threatened by the local BJP member of Parliament and the local Shiv Sena MLA, due to which no action was taken against the culprits. The fact-finding report of the convener of PUCL Maharashtra Dr. Shuresh Khairnar had reported these facts.

CLMC wants the people to notice the fact that this is an act of Hindutva terrorists in which RSS and Bajrang Dal are involved. These organizations are indeed bent on creating tension between Hindu-Muslim brothers, in which they succeeded to some extent in the state of Gujarat.

CLMC express its deep concern over the non-existence of any check on Hindutva terrorists. While government formed different departments to deal with the Muslim, Sikh, Naxal and ULFA problems, it completely ignored Hindutva extremism. It is the complete failure of Congress governments at the central and state levels. It is a fact that Congress party has adopted the policy of soft Hindutva, and due to the double standards of the Congress government, Hindutva ideology is expanding its roots. Due to the policies of the Congress government India is a heading towards a civil-war like situation.

CLMCI condemns the decision of the central and state governments to hand over the blasts probe to the ATS which already has failed to probe recent Mumbai blast by targeting innocent Muslim youth. It demands a CBI enquiry into both the Mumbai and Malegaon blasts.

CLMC demands a check on the Hindutva terrorists, and a judicial enquiry into the series of blasts, which took place in the mosques of Maharashtra cities. CLMC demands the resignation of central and state home ministers who failed to control the incidents despite prior intelligence information.

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