//KSMTF demands EIA and Public Hearing on Koodamkulam Project

KSMTF demands EIA and Public Hearing on Koodamkulam Project

15.10.2006, Press  Release  
KSMTF DEMANDS EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) AND PUBLIC HEARING  ON  
As we all know a Nuclear Reactor is a Radioactive waste-making  machine.A  typical 1000 Mega Watt Nuclear reactor creates about 250  pounds of "spent  fuel" that is the nuclear waste. A small amount of  electricity  is also produced. However looking at the economics, that  
is the cost  of mining the radioactive ore, the cost of production of  the nuclear  fuel (milling, enrichment, and fuel fabrication), the  cost of construction  of the power plants, the cost of cancers,  leukemias, and birth defects  caused by numerous radiation releases  during power plant operation and  during each phase of the nuclear  fuel cycle, the cost of storing and/or  
reprocessing the used reactor cores, the cost of transporting them  between  each stage, the cost of cleaning up and "decommissioning"  the reactor, and the cost of catastrophic failure if the reactor cores  are dispersed into the environment. One has to bear a heavy cost. Do  
we need such power plants? No, not at all.  
   The Koodamkulam Project will have a devastating effect on Kerala  coast.  The commissioning of this project will be the end of "God's  Own  Country". People living in Kerala right from the Tamil Nadu  border  till Kochi will all be affected by radiation, since the  
Koodamkulam  project is a mega project.  
   The fish catch will go; only dead fish will be there for the  fishing  community to catch that will be the end of the fishing  community. People  living on the coasts will be prone to various kinds  of cancers. The  discharge of hot water with radioactive pollutants  into the sea will  
increase the temperature of the seawater and damage the health of the  ffish and the people who eat that fish. Our fishermen will lose their  livelihood and sink further into poverty and misery. And the already  malnourished farming families will stand to suffer even more.  
Moreover, the southern tip is also seismically vulnerable and has had quite a few small tremors. There have also been minor volcanic  eruptions  in Tirunelveli district. Cyclones, huge monsoon  thunderstorms, unrelenting  sea erosion, and increasing global warming  
can also prove to be potential  dangers. And if a tsunami strikes it  will be a major disaster.  
The Koodamkulam nuclear power plant coupled with the sand mining  operations  of the Indian Rare Earths Limited and other private  parties on our shores  is threatening our fisherfolk's lives and  livelihood. Our agricultural  land, our water resources, our air, and  
our food chain are  all going to be contaminated by the additional burden of radiation  
that  will emerge from the Koodamkulam nuclear power plants.  
   Tourism will also come to an end since the westerly winds will  bring  with it all the radioactive waste to the coasts of Kerala. And  no foreign  or Indian tourist will like to risk in a radioactive zone.  In total  it will be the death knell for Kerala. The Kerala government  
cannot  allow commissioning such a dangerous project. They must immediately  demand cancellation of this nuclear power plant for the sake of  millions  of keralities living on the coast.  
   KSMTF demands that the DAE (Department of Atomic Energy) and the  Government  of India respect the Right to Life and Livelihood of our  farmers, fisherfolks  and others of southern Tamil Nadu and Kerala and  cancel the Koodamkulam  project forthwith.  
   There is no transparency and accountability whatsoever by the Dept  of Atomic Energy and Government of India when it comes to Nuclear  Power  Plant. They even threaten their opponents with the Atomic  Energy Act  of 1962. All this is done under the cover of the Official  
Secrecy Act.  
The people of southern Tamil Nadu and Kerala would like to bring your  kind attention to the great dangers the Koodamkulam nuclear power  plant  will pose to our health, safety, our children's well-being, to  our natural  resources, and to our overall environment. We, the people  
of Kerala  along with our brothers and sisters in Kanyakumari,  Tirunelveli and  Thoothukudi  
districts of Tamil Nadu, have been demanding the Department of Atomic  Energy (DAE) and the Government of India to respect our Right to  Information  and to release the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA),  the Site Evaluation  Study, and the Safety Analysis Report that are  
claimed to have been  done for the Koodamkulam Nuclear Power Project back in 1988.  

Even though these studies are now outdated and many changes have been  brought about in the project, we have the right to know what the  government  and the Indian nuclear establishment really argue.  
   Even more worrying is the fact that the Tamil Nadu Pollution  Control  Board has been sidestepped by the DAE in getting proper  permission for  setting up the Koodamkulam project. And the mandatory  Public Hearing  has not been conducted to this day. The Public hearing  has to be conducted  not only in Tamil Nadu but also in Kerala. The  first attempt to conduct  a  fraud public hearing at Tirunelveli was stopped by the people during  the first week of October this year.  
KSMTF  demands a proper EIA and Public Hearing on the project to be conducted by the DAE and Government of India in Trivandrum,  Pathanamthitta  and Kollam districts of Kerala also since these areas are close to the  Plant site.  
T. Peter