//Condemn Hindutva assault on "Campaign against Capital Punishment"

Condemn Hindutva assault on "Campaign against Capital Punishment"

Hindutva Fascist in Action

Endangering Civil Society

On October 20th  of 2006, a group of Hindutva fascists entered the campaign shelter  of  the Kerala State Committee  against  Death Penalty, Trivandrum and assaulted its key campaigners. Mr. Rajmohan K K,  Mr. T. K. Vasu  and Mr. Ambalathara Kunhikrishnan were inside the satyagraha shelter at this time. (Sathyagraha is the non Violent way of protesting used by Mahatma Gandhi ).

Those intolerant fascists  were returning after "hanging"  Muhammad Afsal Guru's effigee. 

This incident remind us that we should be vigilant about the fascist culture gaining superiority in a 100 % literate state like Keralam.  We request all those people who respect Democracy and its civil institutions to condemn the fascist acts of Hindutva promoters.

Irrespective of their intolerant attitude, the satyagraha movement is gaining momentum . Prominent citizens like Mr. K. K. Koch, T. K . Vasu,  Chandran.K.K,  Anoop Chandran, Sanni Kapikkad, Shaju. V .V, Fr. George Pulikkuthityil,  Civic  Chandran  and  Ambalathara Krishnan  observed hunger strike till now. 

Nailini Jameela took the baton from Rajmohan today. We also recieved support and suggestions from  prominent journalists like T.N.Joy, J. Raghu, M. M. Khan, Elizabeth, P. J. Cheriyan,R.Unni,  P.Udayakumar, Salim.T.K, G.Arunima,  Mukundanunni, V. Sanil and K.M.Venugopal oupon sending the report of  Hindutva assault on our campaigns . 

We also recieved solidarity emails from

Ammu Abraham                     Women's Centre, Mumbai 
Shweta                                     Saheli Resource Centre, Delhi 
Sukla Sen                                Ekta 
Rohini Banaji Hensman      Insaaniyat, Mumbai  

Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee 

Some suggestions we recieved are : 

There must be  immediate initiative to demand action to book the culprits,  for which a broader platform comprising all the non-sangh parivar parties   and groups may be made for signing up a petition to the home   ministry.Therecent and other acts of vandalism by these outfits may be  cited. 

Let us not forget that this is an instance where the power of ideology   takes forms of brutal voilence, and yet, counter initiatives/activities   often simply fail thanks to the superciliousness of individuals,groups and  parties who might otherwise be genuinely concerned, though. 

Principled avoidance of display of  solicitude to these lawless and  bigotist leaders, albeit in "personal' relations may be called for. It may  be noted that there is nothing "personal" in such gestures other than  disguised political endorsements of their legitimacy of existence of their  ilk. 

Media, especially the print media may be persuaded to desist from  entertaining these "nationalists"by giving supportive/neutral  coverage for  their utterances of hate. Even the readers of such papers may be persuaded  to unsubscribe such newspapers and journals. 

Please forward this message to friends and suggest what you could personally  
do in this  .Looking forward to your response,  
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