//IFFI 2004: police register complaint against Parrikar

IFFI 2004: police register complaint against Parrikar

Navhind Times

Panaji, Oct 25: The city police station today registered a complaint against the former chief minister and leader of the opposition, Mr Manohar Parrikar lodged by the former power minister and general-secretary of the Goa pradesh Congress committee, Mr Mauvin Godinho on October 24 alleging huge losses to the state exchequer and corresponding unlawful gains through the misappropriation of money spent for the International Film Festival of India 2004.

Police inspector at the city police station, Mr Mahesh Gaonkar told this daily that he has been asked by his superior officers to register the complaint and hand over the case to the DySP, Mr Deu Banaulikar. “I am not empowered to investigate the cases under the Prevention of Corruption Act,” he added.

The complaint has been registered under Section 239/06 of the Criminal Procedure Code, sections 409, 421, 423, 425, 431, 432, 463, 468 and 471 of the Indian Penal Code and Sections 10 and 12 of the Prevention of Corruption Act read with Section 120/B of the IPC.

Meanwhile, Mr Parrikar, brushing off the complaint registration as “the current situation has no meaning,” pointed out that a Supreme Court judgment has made it obligatory on the part of every police station to register every complaint that is lodged.

The investigating police officer, in all probability, will inquire into the same and forward it to the CBI which is already investigating a similar case, Mr Parrikar observed.

Reacting to the complaint, the state Bharatiya Janata Party president, Mr Rajendra Arlekar said the government should first clarify to the public whether it desires the case to be investigated by the CBI or the state police.

“When the case is already being investigated by the CBI since past one-and-a-half year and the report is eagerly awaited, what is the logic behind lodging a similar complaint at the city police station,” he questioned.

The complaint is an election gimmick on the part Mr Godinho and clearly indicates that the assembly polls are nearing, Mr Arlekar observed, sharing a piece of advice, “those who stay in glass houses, should not throw stones on others.”

On the other hand, the spokesperson of the state Congress, Mr Jitendra Deshprabhu told this paper that the matter handed over to the CBI by the government regarding irregularities in the IFFI 2004 is diversely different from the police complaint lodged by Mr Godinho, which in fact, brings forward specific issues.

“These specific issues mentioned in the complaint will subsequently uncover the actions of the then chief minister and prove that they were grossly illegal and criminal,” he added.

Mr Deshprabhu also said the irregularities in the IFFI 2004 are multifaceted criminal acts which are yet to come before the CBI.

The CBI has in fact, been handed over only limited matters as regards the IFFI 2004 irregularities, he informed, pointing out that the complaint lodged by Mr Godinho bears heavily on the period when the law and the judicial approach was twisted and manipulated so as to cross the line over to criminal approach.