//One drug mafia agent hurt as crude bomb explodes, As usual police is behind Muslim Youths

One drug mafia agent hurt as crude bomb explodes, As usual police is behind Muslim Youths

KOLLAM: A man's hand was blown-off in a crude bomb explosion at Kadakkal, a CPI(M) stronghold. The incident happened shortly after 11.30 am on Sunday, 22nd October 2006.

He was identified as K. Imamudeen (28), native of Vattiyoorkavu in Thiruvananthapuram. He is believed to be a notorious member  of Drug Mafia.  Imamuddin, after serving a 7 year sentence, was released from prison ten days ago. He was rushed to the Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital, where doctors told the police that his condition was not serious. 

Two others with him at the time of the explosion were arrested while two escaped from the site. The police identified them as Murugan (28), a resident of Kadakkal and worker of RSS, Prabhu (23) native of Theni in Tamil Nadu. Two others named, Praveen and Vinod ran away from the site. The bomb exploded while they attempted to escape with the bomb following a police raid. The police said the explosion took place at a secret bomb-manufacturing unit near the Kadakkal Panchayat Town Hall. Reports says, the key of the office is usually handled by a cousin of the local leader of CPI(M). Explosives and weapons were seized from the place.

Imamudeen was allegedly one of those engaged in making bombs and police said he claimed himself as a NDF worker. NDF strongly denied his claims and said  the whole drama can be part of CPI(M)'s attempt to silence its workers. Recently, NDF's student wing, Campus Front was actively campaigning against government's failure in the reservation of backward classes in medical entrance exams. They burned an effigy of the Medical Entrance Commissioner, A.S. Maoji and the incident provoked the CPI(M). 5 NDF workers admitted in nearby hospital who was injured in the clashes with CPI(M) activists.

A local CPI(M) leader, Mr. Vikraman threatened one of  the NDF worker, Mr. Manaf,saying that they will be charged in bomb cases. Just after the blast, police officials raided the home of Mr. Sameer with the help of a CPI (M) lead mob, but didn't found any illegal activities. Later, under the compulsion of the ruling party, CPI(M), Police has arrested 5 NDF workers named Chithara Muthayil Ansar(22), Nellikunnil Irshad (22) Kummil Syed (21), Kummil Sajid(21) Nilamel Valiyavazhi Sharafath (25) from the hospital under explosive acts which can be easily used to police torture.

On 2nd october2006, Police arrested a 29-year-old youth, Rajeev Sharma, an electronics diploma-holder hailing from Kazhakootam who  posted  six letter bombs to different people in the city in september 2006. Even in that case, Police initially arrested Muslim youths without any evidence and tortured them for weeks with the help of media and tried to relate their name with NDF, Madani or SIMI.

Later, when the police realised that  the true culprit is not from Muslim community, they softened the stand by  partially glorifying Rajeev Sharma as a `meek character with a scientific temperament using an innovative method to intimidate his enemies. '  The critics consider it as an attempt elude him from hard litigation process which is usually initiated on explosive crimes.