//The Hypocrisy of Corporate Wars

The Hypocrisy of Corporate Wars

By Siv O'Neall

Behind the wars is cold profit

Wars have always been fought for the benefit of the ruling elite of a nation. Wars of conquest over the past centuries, or even millennia, have been fought not to add to the comfort of the people who were represented in the invading armies or their families at home, but for the increased feeling of power of the emperors, kings or presidents. In the mindless slaughter that was involved in the wars of yesteryear, in the greed-driven and power-hungry politics that brought on the wars, and in the profit that emanated from these wars, there was no concern for the soldiers who died the most cruel and senseless deaths on the battlefields or for the people they were supposedly fighting to protect.

Few things have changed. The main principles and considerations are still true in today’s high-tech wars, even though the stage that is set for this planned kind of murder has so thoroughly changed that there seems to be little resemblance between wars of the past and modern wars. Clearly, the horrible killing in the trench wars of World War I, for instance, was closer at hand, more visible to the countries involved. But the high-tech wars in Asia of the present time, are so much more destructive, on such a heightened scale, that it is difficult to realize today’s wars are immensely more devastating. All this is, of course, partially hidden from the American public because of the biased coverage and the crude propaganda that is pouring out of the White House and the corporate-friendly mass media.

Wars today lay waste not just to the lives of the soldiers who are fighting, but to hundreds of thousands (if not millions — think Vietnam) of innocent civilians, and to the environment all around the war zone. Also, there are the most cruel after-effects that continue to take thousands of lives in the generations who grow up in the war zones. Delayed explosions of cluster bombs and land mines and the potentially deadly effects of depleted uranium, together with the lasting effects of the devastation of the environment, are among the principal causes of the extended killing power of the present-day wars. Depleted uranium is most likely the principal agent responsible for the infamous Gulf War syndrome, which numerous U.S. military men and women have been and are still suffering and dying from after the first Gulf War.

Wars are fought by the big corporations

The huge difference between yesterday’s cruel wars of conquest and today’s cataclysmic wars is not only the high-tech approach to the devastation wrought in the present wars. Above all, they are not primarily wars of conquest, they are corporate wars of domination of geopolitically dominant areas, such as in the present war for profit which is dishonestly presented to the world as a total and ever-lasting war on terror, the intended total domination of the strategically essential Middle East region. But what we must not fail to see is the senseless greed involved in the present-day wars, not just as far as oil is concerned and the domination of oil producing regions, but the obscene profits made by arms manufacturers and by the oil industry.

Is the carefully built construct of a big lie intended to convince the American people and the world of the necessity of this totally uncalled-for war? And after all the hype and spin, is the very idea of a war on terror now starting to fall apart? The credibility of U.S. and Israeli warmongers is shredding in front of our eyes, facing the heightened insurgency the war has brought about in the Arab countries and the lack of support in the world at large. Also facing the outrageous cost of this war for profit of the very few and the dear consequences for the people at home.

The so-called ‘War on terror’

The cunningly named ‘War on terror’ is, after all, just another war to benefit the big corporations, their lobbies, and the men in the administration who are tied to them or otherwise draw profit from their roles as war criminals. The ludicrous pretext of fighting communism and defending the nation against a threat from a foreign country, in the case of the totally uncalled for U.S. invasion of Grenada by Ronald Reagan and his warmongers in 1983, was not any more spurious than the present so-called war on terror. The open claim by the government that we are in for eternal war is eminent proof of the hidden intent of the bunch of madmen who are presently running the country. We are not in the war to win it. We are in it to make it go on for ever. Nothing less.

It must be obvious to any thinking person that terror is not a notion that anyone can fight with arms and counter terror. Terror, if that is what the insurgency has to be called, is not tied to a nation or even to a religion. It feeds on feelings of humiliation and a deeply felt need to get revenge on the oppressors. In the present-day case, the insurgency groups were initially formed to fight against the oppressive ‘godless regimes’ of the countries of origins of the resistance groups.

In a secondary way, Al Qaeda was intent on getting revenge on the big Satan, the imperial power of the United States. The reason was certainly not to punish Americans for their freedom, however, as it has been claimed by the administration. Rather, the insurgents were intent on stating their opposition to the U.S. taking over the world through its omnipresent military bases and its repeated shows of behaving as if the U.S. had a right to rule the world. This was made amply clear in the recurrent wars undertaken by the United States or by Israel, the U.S. protectorate.

A total lack of consideration of U.S. governments for the lives of the peoples in the dominated countries has been the guiding rule for U.S wars since the end of World War II.[1] They alternately side with ruthless dictators (or simply install them if it serves the U.S. interests), or they pretend to fight for democracy if that seems to be more convenient in order to run the propaganda machine for a profitable war.

The hubris of the PNAC people

The currently widening Middle East conflict was carefully planned decades ago by the people behind the Project for the New American Century. This group, which included now well-known and infamous names, was founded in the 1960s and ‘70s by a small group of pro-Israel, anti-communist intellectuals. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, James Woolsey, John Bolton, Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Douglas Feith were among the principal planners of U.S. total domination of world resources. The insane hubris of these distorted minds makes them see the United States as being fully entitled to rule the Earth. The domination of the Middle East oil market was extremely carefully planned. And, more precisely, the invasion of Iraq was set to be the auspicious opening of such an undertaking. Wolfowitz, Libby, Perle and Feith are known to be the major authors of the Iraq war.

The 9/11 disaster played so well into their hands that it is hard to believe the administration did not at the very least knowingly let it happen. Particularly since, in their own plans, it said that, absent a new Pearl Harbor, they would be hard put to initiate a war to achieve domination of the greater Middle East. The invasion of Iraq, however, was clearly on their long-term agenda.

Convenience and profit

But beyond the push for war is not power hunger and greed alone. There is also convenience. Most of the wars since World War II have occurred when the administration was in great danger of losing the support of the public. The most efficient remedy has always been to get the nation into a war and declare the man in the White House a "War President" and the country as being in great danger of attack. Sowi
ng fear has always been the most efficient means of rallying a nation behind a war president. The Nation being in great danger has always been the theatrical routine that was acted out to vouch for the necessity of starting a new war. Even when tiny Grenada suffered a coup d’état in 1983, the military regime that took power was supposed to present a danger to the United States. Americans were made to believe it and Ronald Reagan became a hero to a majority of the American people.

But above and beyond all these pretenses has always been the greed of the arms industry and other big corporations that profit handily from the war. What we are up to today is not just the necessity of a change of government. We desperately need to beat the current corporate establishment that rules the planet.

And that is the awesome task we have to face and the hard fight we have to win before we can hope for a real change in the destinies of the people of the United States and of the world. Since the rest of the world follows more or less obediently in the footsteps of the empire, from fear of being left out of the profit of plunder, we have to see with open eyes that this is a world-wide struggle.

The American people may be getting their eyes opened to the hubris, the recklessness and the incompetence of the present administration, but can they also be made to see that the country and their lives are ruled by the corporate world, the business and advertising giants? And that we have to slay the dragon.

[1] The highly partial role of the United States as well as of the rest of the world in the rise to power of Adolf Hitler is an important side issue in the history of modern wars.

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