//Karnataka Chief Minister's son named in attack on hotel run by Keralite

Karnataka Chief Minister's son named in attack on hotel run by Keralite

Johnson T A, Indian Express, Friday, October 27, 2006

BANGALORE, OCTOBER 26: Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy’s only son, 19-year-old Nikhil is at the centre of a case of rioting and attack on a hotel here in the early hours today.

 The incident, which took place after 3 am, has left Nikhil injured besides damages to the hotel where the rioting took place and Nikhil’s car. Nikhil and the management of Hotel Empire have filed counter complaints with the Bangalore police.

The CM’s son, who filed the first complaint around 4.15 am, has alleged that he visited the hotel with two friends in the hope of having dinner. The staff refused to serve them saying the restaurant was closed and assaulted him and his friends when they insisted on being served, Nikhil has claimed in his complaint adding that the hotel staff damaged his car as well.

A medical report obtained by the police from the government Bowring hospital for Nikhil and his two friends, Manjunath, 23, and Syed, 22, has indicated abrasions and injuries on the bodies of all three youth.

In his complaint on behalf of the hotel, its manager Junaid has stated that “three unidentified” drunk youth who demanded service after the restaurant had closed, first attacked his employees and fled. They later returned and smashed the glass panes of the hotel and a computer. The Bangalore police have registered complaints but have taken little action on the complaints.

“The management of the hotel have not identified the alleged attackers, there is little we can do in this situation,” ACP (Law and Order) Bipin Gopalkrishna said.

Nikhil’s father, Kumaraswamy, and grandfather, former prime minister, HD Devegowda remained inaccessible today.

Hotel Empire, run by Muslims from north Kerala, is one of the only restaurants in Bangalore that has special permission to stay open till 3 am. BPO workers and people returning from parties or pubs — that close at 11.30 pm, tend to be the most frequent late night users of the restaurant. The restaurant stayed shut today.

A manager at the restaurant said one of those involved had claimed to be the CM’s son. “After the initial trouble they went away. They returned with bottles and stones and attacked us again. Only three were involved,” he said. Senior police officials said they were trying to verify allegations that Nikhil and his friends returned to attack the restaurant after filing the police complaint.

Nikhil is a second year pre-university student in Bangalore and is known to have a special interest in fast cars and motorcycles. He and his friends came to the hotel after an unofficial late night drag race event on the outskirts of the city, sources said.

Police sources indicated that efforts are on to bring the case to a close by getting both parties to compromise and withdraw their complaints.

This has come on the back of last week’s arrest of Adam Bidappa, 19-year-old son of fashion choreographer Prasad Bidappa, on charges of assaulting policemen following a post-closing hour skirmish outside a Bangalore pub.

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