//Creative writing awards for under 30

Creative writing awards for under 30

TOTO FUNDS THE ARTS (TFA) invites entries for its second annual awards  
for young Indian fiction writers in English.

Two cash awards of Rs. 25,000 each will be given in January, 2007.  
BUT: If you are older than 30 on January 1, 2007, or live outside India,  
read no further!  
ALSO: The spirit of the Toto Awards is to identify promise and encourage  
young talent. Therefore, do not submit an entry if you are already  
commercially successful.  
TFA is looking for entries in a variety of genres — the novel, short  stories, plays, scripts and poetry.  
The submissions should ideally not be more than 10,000 words. Pieces of  
short fiction; an extract from a novel, play or script; or between five  
and ten poems are recommended norms. Sensible combinations of the above  
are acceptable within the word limit.  
Entries should reach TOTO FUNDS THE ARTS (TFA) before November 8, 2006.  
H 301 Adarsh Gardens  
8th Block, 47th Cross  
Bangalore 560 082  
Phone: 080-26548139  
Entries should be sent in soft e-mail copy to [email protected] as well in hard copy form to the above address.  
Entries must be accompanied by a signed statement confirming the  
applicant’s date of birth, whether the applicant’s work has been  
published in print (give details), and also affirming that the submitted  
work is original.  
Submitted material will not be returned.  
The decision of the TFA jury is final and cannot be contested in any forum.  
TOTO FUNDS THE ARTS (TFA) is a not-for-profit public trust set up in  
memory of Angirus ‘Toto’ Vellani, who was intensely passionate about  
music, literature and films.  
Toto Funds the Arts  
Toto Funds the Arts (TFA) was established as a trust in Bangalore on  
September 15, 2004. It was set up in memory of Angirus ‘Toto’ Vellani,  
who passed away in a tragic accident in Goa on May 24, 2004. Toto was  
known for his poetry, music and film criticism and other writings among  
various youth communities in the arts.  
TFA is mandated to give awards, fellowships and grants to young artists  
and writers who demonstrate flair and promise of the kind that Toto  
displayed at a very young age. It supports talent that is yet to test  
its full potential.  
Its main focus is on the art of urban youth, which is least applauded  
and encouraged in our country. Much of urban youth art is neither  
classical nor folk, nor national or regional: its form is hybrid, of  
mixed origins, influenced as much by the local as the international. It  
is art that presages India’s future. TFA, which has been set up by those  
who loved and admired Toto, strives to work with the same passion that  
he brought to the arts.  
TFA announced its first award on Toto’s 21st birthday: January 19, 2005.  
The award was in the field of music because that was Toto’s first love.  
In addition to the award for music, this year saw the introduction of  
awards for creative writing. TFA is now inviting applications for its  
2007 awards in both these fields. By 2008, the trust expects also to  
have a Toto award for young filmmakers.  
Beyond awards, TFA hosts readings and workshops to nurture new voices  
and emerging talent in the arts. A three-day theatre workshop conducted  
by Jaimini Pathak (Creating Theatre) was held in Bangalore in August  
2006, followed by second one (Getting into Character) this month. These  
were the first two of a series of workshops (covering theatre, music,  
writing and design) that TFA plans to hold in the current financial  
year. The trust is also planning to host readings by young writers in  
Kannada. Hopefully, we will be able to make our first award in this  
field in 2008.  
We would welcome hearing from you if you have thoughts on how TFA could  
further its mandate or are interested in supporting our work in other ways.