//Summit of the Powerless

Summit of the Powerless

Tehelka is organising a Summit of the Powerless on 20 and 21 November  2006 at the Jamia Milia Islamia University in Delhi.  

Should you wish  to attend, please register at  
For details visit www.summitofthepowerless.net . Given below is an  introductory note and the tentative schedule.  

Summit of the Powerless  
India is going through a period of great change and great upheaval. At  such a time, it has become crucial to ensure that voices across the  country are heard, and people are given a chance to participate in the  future being newly moulded for them — people whose lives are impacted  daily by the decisions the powerful make.  
To give voice to this silent majority, to find creative responses to  some of the most difficult questions of our time, on November 20 –21  this year, Tehelka is hosting a visionary new forum: The Summit of the  Powerless.  
The core idea of the Summit is to bring together the three key  stakeholders of a free society on to the same platform: money, power,  and people.  
Political and business leaders wield enormous power and influence over  the lives of the poor. But in most forums, the converted talk to the  converted: the powerful to the rich; the powerless to the powerless.  
The unique idea of the Summit is to create an environment where the  powerful will lend their ear to the powerless. The Summit seeks to  bring the powerful into a new context. A context visually,  emotionally, and conceptually constructed to be empathetic to the  powerless.  
The agenda? Not just to air differences, but hunt for common ground.  
The broad theme for this year's Summit is Two Indias, One Future.  
Under this matrix, the Summit will discuss some of the most pressing  issues of our time: the role of the State; the farmer crisis; the gap  between rural and urban India; reservations; naxals; Kashmir; the  Northeast; land usage; and a vision for more equitable cities.  
Every panel in the Summit will have two or more speakers each from the  grassroot, political, and corporate sectors. There will also be AVs  and personal narratives in every panel. More than 50 key human rights  activists, peoples' movement leaders, political, and corporate heads  
have already confirmed participation. Recognising the importance of  such a forum, the President of India too has agreed to participate in  the Summit.  
Apart from the panel discussions, many important conversations,  arguments, and linkages will be made possible by the Summit. It has  immense potential and provides an immense opportunity. (An agenda is  attached with this letter.)  
Tehelka is inviting everybody working to create a more equitable and  humane world to attend the Summit. Do come and empower the Summit with  your presence.  
If you can come, please register at www.summitofthepowerless.net  
If you have any queries, please write to [email protected]  
And do pass the word around.  
Best wishes,  

The Tehelka Team  

DAY 1  
Tarun Tejpal, Editor-in-Chief, Tehelka welcome address.  
Outlines summit agenda  
Keynote Address by the President of India  
OPENING SESSION: Two Indias, One Future  
Confirmed Speakers  
Aruna Roy  
Anna Hazare  
Kamal Nath  
Sitaram Yechury  
LK Advani  
Arun Maira  
Farmer Suicides: Urban India vs Rural India  
Confirmed Speakers  
Ajit Singh  
Sachin Pilot  
Rajiv Bakshi  
Vandana Shiva  
Mihir Shah  
Kishore Tiwari  
Sharad Pawar  
Amrinder Singh  
SESSION 1 b  (simultaneous)  
The Positive Model: Stories of Rural Success  
Confirmed Speakers  
Father Thomas Kocherry  
Rajinder Singh  
Prakash Amte  
Reservations: Inclusive Progress or the Death of Merit?  
Confirmed Speakers  
Yogendra Yadav  
Kani Mozhi  
Udit Raj  
Arjun Singh  
Arun Shourie  
SESSION 2 b  (simultaneous)  
Equal Education: Excellence or Prejudice?  
Confirmed Speakers  
Anil Sadgopal  
Ashok Aggarwal  
Mushirul Hasan  
Krishna Kumar  
Parth J Shah  
Shubha Mudgal  
Kailash Kher  
Indian Ocean  
Zahroor Sahin  

DAY 2  
Opening Session  
The Indian State: Protector or Alienator?  
Confirmed Speakers  
Kapil Sibal  
Ram Jethmalani  
Praful Patel  
Medha Patkar  
Dipankar CPIML  
Naxals: Backlash of the Fourth World?  
Confirmed Speakers  
Sumanto Banerjee  
Dilip Simeon  
Dr Vara Vara Rao  
Janak Lal Thakur  
Manendra Karma  
KPS Gill  
SESSION 3 b  (simultaneous)  
Kashmir: External Hand or Internal Haemorrhage?  
Confirmed Speakers  
Wajahat Habibullah  
Pervez Imroze  
Omar Abdullah  
Mehbooba Mufti  
The City and the Powerless  
Confirmed Speakers  
Charles Correa  
KT Ravindran  
Madhu Kishwar  
A Jockin  
Jaipal Reddy  
Milind Deora  
Vijaypat Singhania  
Cyrus Gazdar  
Rajeev Chandrashekhar  
B S Nagesh  
SESSION 4 b  (simultaneous)  
North East: On the Map, Off the Mind?  
Confirmed Speakers  
Wasbir Hussain  
Patricia Mukhim  
Lachit Bordoloi  
SESSION 5  (Final)  
Bollywood: Can cinema bridge the divide?  
Prasoon Joshi  
Sudhir Mishra  
Rakeysh Mehra  
Raveena Tandon  
Anupam Kher 



Tehelka is organising a
Summit of the Powerless on 20 and 21 November