//Table Sachar panel report: Left to Govt'

Table Sachar panel report: Left to Govt'

Express News Service, November 02, 2006

NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 1: In order to devise ways that would specifically channelise the party’s efforts towards the welfare of Muslims, the CPI(M) sub-committee on minorities met on Wednesday and decided that among its first steps the party would ask the government to table in Parliament the Rajinder Sachar Committee’s findings on the status of minorities.

“We want the government to place the findings of the Rajinder Sachar Committee in Parliament in the Winter Session. The details of the findings should be in the public domain and we want a full discussion on the issue,” said CPI(M)’s Lok Sabha MP Hannan Mollah who heads the party’s sub-committee on minorities.

During the meeting, committee members — among them Mohammad Salim, the party’s deputy leader in the Lok Sabha, and Kerala minister Paloli Mohammad Kutty — expressed concern at reports, based on the findings of the Sachar committee, of the poor representation of Muslims in government jobs and lower judiciary.

The committee that had been set up in view of the tasks outlined for CPI(M)’s growth at the party congress in April last year, meanwhile, began drawing up plans for minorities depending on its existing base in different states. “We will formulate separate action programmes for the minorities welfare in our strongholds and other areas,” Mollah said.

Party leaders admitted that it had been a long haul to raise the status of Muslims in West Bengal in the aftermath of Partition, pointing out that only poor and uneducated Muslims stayed behind at the time. The minority population had to be brought at par with the others in terms of government jobs and education.

“Much work remains, but the groundwork has been done. We need to do more in the immediate future,” a party leader said. The party is looking for ways in which it can “intervene” on issues of minority welfare. The CPI(M) sub-committee is expected to prepare a report on how this intervention can be effected. The report will be presented at the next meeting of the party central committee in January.

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