//Cases on fast track? Over 400 judges posts vacant in Gujarat

Cases on fast track? Over 400 judges posts vacant in Gujarat

Express News Service

Vadodara, November 5: EVEN as the Vadodara district court is working towards clearing about five lakh pending cases within three months, sources on Thursday said that there were about 400 vacant judges’ posts in Gujarat that are yet to be filled, 70 of which which are vacant because judges have been suspended.

Of the 70 suspended judges, there are some who have reportedly been suspended and off-duty for as long as five years. According the senior advocate, who wished to remain anonymous, a judge on suspension receives half his pay for the first six months, three-quarters for the next six months and full pay after a year of suspension. The advocate said, ‘‘So there are 70 judges who are being paid their salary but are not sitting in the court. Where is the justice in that?’’

According to advocates, another issue that needs addressing is the appointment of fast-track judges in place of filling up the much-needed civil and assistant judge posts in the state. According to sources, the Central government had sanctioned about 186 fast-track courts for Gujarat for the speedy disposal of cases. It is the Central government, and not the state government, which pays the salary and provides all the privileges for a fast-track judge appointed by the state, the sources said.