//Indian police hopefuls riot after 'difficult test'

Indian police hopefuls riot after 'difficult test'

6 November 2006

Hundreds of would-be police constables in India have rioted after being angered by the application procedure.

An official in the city of Ghaziabad told the BBC said that a written test proved too difficult for many of the men who were applying to join the Uttar Pradesh police force and they demonstrated their displeasure by going on the rampage.

Nearly 30 people were arrested after several hundred men attacked people and property on a stretch of road that leads to Delhi.

Buses and cars were stopped and vandalised by the enraged mob and it has been reported that a number of women were molested. Looting and beatings also took place, according to the BBC.

The riots will be something of an embarrassment to the Indian government, which is trying to reform the police service in response to widespread dissatisfaction among the general populace.

According to the US department of state, corruption is endemic in the Indian police force, with torture and rape by police and security forces cited as evidence of human rights abuses.