//Letters left behind explain murder-suicide motive of UAE based Indian

Letters left behind explain murder-suicide motive of UAE based Indian

By Bassma Al Jandaly, Gulf News, 7 Nov 2006

Sharjah: A man who murdered his wife and daughter and then committed suicide last week left three letters; one to the police, one to his mother and one to his brother, a senior police officer said yesterday.

Kumar Acharya Vasudevan, 33, from Mumbai in India, strangled his 32-year-old wife Lynette with a rope, and then smothered his two-year-old daughter with a pillow as they slept. He then jumped out of their 10th floor flat in the Al Fardan Building in Al Qasimiya.

Brigadier Saleh Ali Al Mutawa, Chief of Sharjah Police, said yesterday that Kumar left everything tidy and clean. He left behind letters and other evidence. In his letter to police he apologised for any trouble he may have caused them.

Brigadier Al Mutawa said: "He wrote in his letter that he murdered his wife and daughter because his wife was having an affair with another man."

Kumar wrote that he loved his wife but because she loved someone else he killed her and himself so he would be able to love her after death.

Brigadier Al Mutawa said that Kumar also wrote that he did not want anyone to be in trouble because of it. He said he had forgiven the man who was having an affair with his wife.

Brigadier Al Mutawa said that in his letter to his mother and his family, Kumar said he had murdered his wife and daughter because she had an affair and betrayed him.

He said he loved his family very much and asked them to forgive him. In the third letter addressed to his brother, who lives in the UAE, he asked him to take his end of service benefits from his company and pay off some loans.

Kumar was being trained for management

Kumar Acharya Vasudevan came from a humble background. His father died when he was quite young, and after working as a DJ at the Host Inn International in Andheri, Mumbai, he came to Abu Dhabi in the early 1990s to join Baskin Robbins as a counter sales employee.

A conscientious and diligent worker, he had recently been promoted to Training Manager for the Gulf region. While he was in Abu Dhabi, he became a Catholic and was baptised at St Joseph's Church, before marrying his childhood sweetheart and neighbour Lynette Almeida, a Goan Catholic settled in Mumbai.

Lynette grew up in Goregaon in Mumbai. Coming from an upper middle class background, her family now lives in Borivilli in the western suburbs of Mumbai. She followed Kumar to Abu Dhabi and was working there. The couple were transferred to Dubai some four years ago, during which time his company groomed Kumar for a middle management position, and Lynette continued working in Dubai.